Using the entire collection of one person’s photographs from Facebook as a starting point, John Rainey, a student at the Royal College of Art, used Perspex and Z Corp Rapid Prototyping to make interpretive composite 3D print sculptures. For those who don’t know, a Rapid Prototyping printer is a high-definition 3D printer and rapid prototyping machine device that produce physical color models from 3D CAD drawings.

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This gorgeous time lapse video by Pontus Rudolphson, a school project, took about a half a year of shooting to finish the project. Most of the scenes are shot in various places in Stockholm, Sweden, while some of the sunset scenes are from Thailand. Take a look…

Shot with two Nikon D5100 and
Sigma 10-20/3,5
Nikkor 35/1,8
Nikkor 70-300/4,5-5,6
and some ND-filters

Learn more about this project at Time4timelapse. The site is in Swedish.

Opening April 25, 2012 is Mariell Amélie’s exhibition  “Forget Me Not – Forglem Meg Ei ” at the Notting Hill Arts Club, featuring dream like portraits of self-reflective moments of solitude made visible through the choice of location, clothing and pose. Here are some samples of her work…

This is all that is left

Finding Home #1

Finding Home #2

The show runs through June 11, 2012. Visit Mariell Amélie’s website to see more of her work.

These colorful illustrations for a book about Greek customs and traditions from Art Source Publishing, were created by talented illustrator Dimitra Tzanos.

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Take a bit of nature with you wherever you go, with this mini Wee Garden Necklace you can wear around your neck. Each piece is hand formed with white ceramic clay and clear gloss.

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Instead of promoting the show directly, these Death Valley mockumentary TV show adverts invite people to “dislike” brutal violence towards undead species.

Death Valley is a dark comedy/mockumentary TV show which follows a group of police officers as they try and quell the rise of vampires, werewolves and zombies that have appeared on the streets of California in the San Fernando Valley.

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The Buck design team conjured up and brought together a brilliant homage to flamboyant author Hunter S. Thompson to promote the online bookseller Good Books and a great cause.

Check it out…

Every time you buy from Good Books, all the profit goes directly to fund projects in partnership with Oxfam.

Extra Credits:

String Theory in New Zealand presented the script and Antfood added the audio stylings.

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