We love all things maps and globes. There is nothing more exciting than traveling the world right from your office (or bedroom), as you spin your basketball size globe across continents in seconds.

Imagine our delight when we came across this globe, which marries one of our favorite childhood story books Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak with our favorite form of cheap travel. Behold the Where The Wild Things Are Globe by Wendy Gold…

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It is quite apparent that fashion has run the gamut of styles and hemlines, as shown in this fun video, which shows 100 years of fashion in 100 seconds, starting from September 1911 until September 2011.

For the most part women donned the ever so feminine dress and skirts, while the men were dapper in suits and button ups. It was only recently, (the 1960′s) that fashion really broke out of it’s mold and took a hippy, out-the-box turn. Take a look…

Forget hours of eyeshadow application and or don’t even think of those dopey looking bagel implants that’s all the craze in Japan. Forgo wearing that mask to the masquerade and instead check out this gorgeous face fashion concept.

Behold…Face Lace by makeup artist Phyllis Cohen. Very avant-guarde and sexy – these can be worn to a club, to a party, and just about anywhere really.

Check out the intricate designs…

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Product Choice and Why Logos Really Don’t Matter (On Their Own)

There is a question we’ve been asking ourselves since the dawn of advertising. There have been books written about it. TV shows surrounding the culture of it (think Mad Men and The Pitch), and lawsuits over the design of them (Apple vs. Samsung anyone?)

What makes us choose one product or brand over another?

What is the first thing applied to a brand? A logo. It says what the product/brand is about and what it wants you to know about it. A logo is personality stamp.

Does a brand’s logo really help you decide on choosing their products over others? Subconsciously, experts say yes. Graphic designers, marketing managers and creative directors hope so and are paid to know so. Heck, even Arby’s is undergoing a rebrand and redesigned their logo. But will customers care?

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Seeing the artwork of  Samuel Silva, a Portugal based attorney no less, is truly believing in what we believe to be impossible. If you’re scratching your head at that sentence, so will you be at the followings drawings. They boggle the mind and make you want to hold the canvas he worked on, just to touch it, and see the marks the pen made yourself. They are absolutely incredible. Have a look…

Margay Cat

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Compositions by Beatriz Mahan

Interview with Lorette C. Luzajic from IdeaFountain

Barcelona artist Beatriz Mahan creates intriguing, composition-based collages that she refers to as matrices. She uses a variety of simple elements to play with shape, colour, texture, and mark-making. I found her visually stunning creations on flickr and saw right away an eerie kinship with some aspects of my own work. Since my weakness as an artist is to complicate my organization or make my works too busy, Beatriz has inspired my creative growth by reminding me to simplify and allow the elements some breathing room. I was thrilled to talk with her through email and to share her great collages with you.

Lorette C. Luzajic: How are your collages born? Do you start with a particular texture or interesting piece of paper? What do you have in mind when you begin?

Beatriz Mahan: I never have a specific idea in mind when begin a work. Sometimes I can start with a piece of paper that I like, an interesting font, or very often with a background that I have created experimenting with colours, paints and textures. Sometimes it’s chance that generates an interesting composition while I’m doing something else and then I start a new work. Actually, my job is very intuitive.

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We quickly find out the perils of sleeping in the woods in this hilarious (and unexpected) animated short titled The Unconscious Homeless Man by Eion Duffy, a freelance director/animator based in Vancouver, Canada.

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