For his eleventh one-person show, Lamar Peterson New Work, Peterson returns to his familiar subjects of the landscape and the suburban experience, depicting scenarios of dream-like chaos with a cartoon vernacular in his solo exhibition of new work at Fredericks & Freiser Gallery in New York City.

Inspired by elementary school bulletin boards, educational activity books, and crepe paper streamers, Peterson creates graphic portraits of an irrational world where happy characters are resolutely accepting of grotesque misfortune. The plague of absurdities presented in these paintings is rooted in popular culture as much as it is in old-hat surrealism.

Issues of race, community, and social and economic upheaval are candy-colored and darkly comic. Smiling faces are unrelenting. Peterson never allows his people to be fazed. They never notice the nightmare. And it is here, within this pitiless deadpan that his work resonates.

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The Brooklyn Museum will be partnering with Brooklyn artists to celebrate the Brooklyn Artists Ball, on Wednesday evening, April 27, 2011.

This new twist on the Museum’s longstanding annual gala will celebrate the creativity and considerable influence of Brooklyn artists. “It is incredibly exciting for the Museum to enlarge in yet another way its already major engagement with the community of artists living and working in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Artist’s Ball will commence at 6 p.m. with a special VIP cocktail reception hosted by Honorary Co-Chair Sarah Jessica Parker in the Great Hall. Read the whole article: artdaily

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Movies are not the only source of entertainment that uses trailers to entice a viewer. Books have jumped on the trailer bandwagon which has become just important as directing marketing tools when getting the word of a new release. Here is the trailer for the book Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell, an examination of our 50th state, Hawaii, that uses food as it’s major design element.

Purple rice, blue pasta and broccoli floweret islands help illustrate Vowell’s tale of Hawaii’s plate lunch.

YouTube Preview Image

We’re not exactly hungry after seeing this, but we do want to read the book.

This Duracell Ultra print ad ‘Brings toys to life’ designed by Advertising Agency: Naga DDB of Malaysia, can be considered borderline creepy. Think Chucky creepy. In fact it’s too bad Chucky wasn’t actualy used for this, it would have been brilliant.

This particular image probably wouldn’t go over too well here in PC America. Moms across the country would be up and arms or some group would take this image the wrong way. We think it’s genius. Makes you look twice and brings forth a small smirk on the corner of your mouth. Sold!

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The Joy of Living exhibition is currently showing at Somerset House in London through March 21st and is spearheaded by designer Max Fraser. Max lost his mother in 2008 to cancer and wanted to progress mankind in it’s quest to cure the disease. In his bid to raise £50,000 for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, he asking over 100 designers, both established and rising stars, to create something from a single sheet of A4 graph paper that for them, represents the joy of living.

Check out the video…

The Joy of Living is truly a wonderful cause. Visit Maggies to learn more about the center, which provides help, information and emotional support for with or living with someone with cancer.

Road signs. Drive along the vast highways of middle America and one is sure to see a plethora of these outdated relics of a bygone era. They exude a distinct style of design and aesthetic rarely found in modern signage. These cool vintage road sign photography prints from Retro Roadside Photo captures that lost art beautifully.

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Chilean artist Iván Navarro, Heaven or Las Vegas new works exhibit, features fluorescent light sculptures drawn from the floor plans of iconic skyscrapers.

For Heaven or Las Vegas, Navarro’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, the artist has created a series of fluorescent light wall sculptures based on the floor plans of twelve of the world’s most well known skyscrapers, including the Flatiron Building in New York, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai and The Center in Hong Kong.

These monumental buildings were chosen for the ambitious innovations in design and engineering that were required to construct them and for their importance to the historical spread of Western-style development across the globe. Through a positioned play of mirrors and lights, viewers have the experience of looking up into the interior elevation of each building, many of which tower more than 1,000 feet high in actuality. Within each work, Navarro has incorporated significant words or phrases like SURRENDER, RESIST, and YOU SAY YES, which echo like suggestions or commands through each structure’s illusory depth.

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