In case there was any confusion, this hot pink Easter Egg art print clears up the fact of the proper terminology between dyeing Easter Eggs and coloring your hair.

Available from The Letter Studio on Etsy.

Easter is exactly one month away! What are your Easter rituals?

The Last Exorcism falls short but gets an A+ for creepy.

Considering this film is produced by Eli Roth, one would expect his influence to add the usual gruesome torture porn we’ve come to expect from him. Contrary to this notion, The Last Exorcism is a slow paced documentary style film that builds with suspense and creepiness but ultimately leaves one a bit pissy about the ending.

The mockumentary horror film, directed by Daniel Stamm, begins by showing us the life of Reverend Cotton Marcus, a man of faith born and bred to preach the gospel. Like his father before him, he provides saving to those who believe, but ultimately through his experiences in life he has come to find he might not believe in god himself. When his son was born after a high-risk complication, he admits he thanked his doctors instead of god. Between this fact and believing exorcisms are a load of baloney, he embarks on this quest to try and prove it’s all a bunch of hogwash.

He leads his film crew which consists of filmmaker Iris Reisen (Iris Bahr) and cameraman Daniel Moskowitz, deep in the heart of Ivanwood, Louisiana, where the belief of evil and demons is a religious fact of life. He has been called upon for help by a man named Louis Sweetzer who is having trouble with his livestock. During the night they are being systematically killed and his daughter is the one with blood on her hands the next morning. Sweetzer believes his daughter Nell (Ashley Bell) is possessed.

The realistic style in which The Last Exorcism is done really adds to the tension and build-up of what transpires over the course of two days. You will be wide-eyed with disbelief that Marcus and his crew’s determination stands so strong and are willing to continue helping this family after the danger they are put in. Questions will nag at you. Is Nell really possessed? Is the father actually the deranged one? Is there an incestuous relationship going on with her brother Caleb or perhaps her father? Ashley Bell who plays Nell gives an utterly creepy performance as does Caleb Landry Jones who plays her brother. Nell shifts back and forth from a naive southern girl to calculated conundrum with ease.

During one scene, Nell gets her hands on the camcorder which allows the audience to view everything through her eyes and adds a sinister perspective to events that play out while she’s in charge of the cam. This was a brilliant additive.

If you pay attention there are a few elements of foreshadowing that will have you guessing the end, yet somehow the film still manages to put doubts in your mind about what actually transpired at the end. The camera hangs back at the closing scene, you are but a voyeur to something far greater than expected. When suddenly just like in ‘Blair Witch Project’…(yes we’ll leave that sentence trailed off, as not to spoil it for you as much as we have already have.)

Sometimes this type of ‘leave em hanging’ end works and perpetuates intelligent thought about the movie once the credits roll, however the loose ends in this horror flick leaves you screaming for closure.

Rating: 7/10

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 87 minutes

The Last Exorcism Movie Trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

Have you see this film? What did you think of the ending?

Are you designer toy fan? Even if your not, you’ll love this twist on the DIY Munny. A two foot inflatable character canvas!

Chicago based designers Mike and Tony design anything they can get their hands on. If it has a flat surface they design it. They now want to explore beyond the flat and into the round world of inflatable characters as custom, collectible art. Think Munny on steroids!

What they have created is Blimpus, a blank, inflatable canvas with a large head to paint on and feet to stand on. Standing at just over two feet tall, with short nubby legs, these inflatables are made of an ink-receptive PVC vinyl. Just imagine the possibilities! Blimpus is currently a project on Kickstarter, and you can help the creators see this project to fruition by making a pledge. They have more than one option available. Check out the styles below…

Entry-level Blimpus: A white vinyl character which you can customize using anything from markers to tape, to spray paint and screen printing. Let the illustrator in you run wild.

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British illustrator Andy Council has a thing for dinosaurs which is quite apparent in his illustrations and street art. Here are some samples of his intricate design work…

Visit Andy Council’s website or his blog to see more of his work.

Choose the right order when clicking your options in the Grow Valley  point and click puzzle game and you will grow your civilization to it’s full capacity. Simple, yet fun strategy game. Here are some screenshots of how your civilization will look when you’ve reached all your maximum levels.

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Ray Caesar’s paintings are crafted with such acute awareness of light, you would think he was a art scholar in the time of the old masters. Mix this with a twisted subject matter and you get these hauntingly beautiful works of art.


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‘I’m Bored, I Think I’ll Become a Designer’ art print by Nick Agin which depicts Sluggo from the ‘Nancy’ comic strip, would make a great gift for one of your graphic design friends. Even for yourself if you are one.

Agin states this is his commentary on the proliferation and saturation of the design industry.

Each print is done by hand, titled, numbered, and signed on front. Edition of 100. Visit Nick Agin’s Etsy shop to purchase.

Trivia: At it’s peak in the 1970s, Nancy ran in more than 880 newspapers.

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