Johannes Wohnseiferʼs first solo exhibition, Holes Filled With Time, is currently on show at the Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels, and features all new paintings, paperworks and photographs by the artist.

This Moment

For this exhibit Johannes Wohnseifer examined the significance of time for his own artistic practice. Combining past, present and future to a stream of times Wohnseifer will present new large scale paintings which are based on a series of fragmented, abstract works entitled Cold War. Wohnseifer continues working with the topic of confrontations of power blocks and loose references to a certain perod of time. In a second step he expands this theme to hybrid sequences which bring together comic drawings of the 1970s and colour schemes of the 1940s with South American graffiti.

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Blood Concept, a blood scented perfume has been conceptualized based on ancient mystery, fascination and uniqueness of the fluid running through the veins of humans since the dawn of man. The river of life.

This intriguing product was tested in public at Esxense – The Art Perfumery Event in Milan, an international event dedicated to Artistic Perfumery, which was held from March 31st and closed on April 3rd.

Scents range from types A, B, AB, to O. They do not actually smell just like acrid oozy blood. The perfumes have a head, middle and a base, just like in normal perfumes. The scent mixtures actually sound quite sniff satisfying.

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The artwork of Little Sonrisa can be described as whimsical, delicate, and quirky. The way the over-sized headed subjects stare at you, whether they be children or creatures, it’s almost as if they actually see you. Her work fits nicely into the lowbrow category.

Sonya also known as Little Sonrisa states “I am Austrian by birth and American by choice, which perfectly explains the combination of weird and nostalgia, but my work is also influenced by the city I live in. Los Angeles with it’s strong lowbrow movement and bright colors plays an important role in my aesthetic. I paint to make you smile and pull you into the gap between reality and dreams, through which I tell stories about strange worlds and creatures, that speak to the child…

Girls Have More Fun

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An exhibition of new paintings by Philip Taaffe, titled Paintings 2009 – 2011, is currently running at the Gagosian Gallery, his first ever solo exhibition in London.

Taaffe’s paintings are the slow product of wide-ranging meditations on the interrelation of forms and images in art, nature, architecture, and archaeology. Filtered through a critical and dynamic relation to the history of abstract painting, Taaffe’s oeuvre is remarkable for its visual exuberance and intricate craft. In a single work he might combine the gestural impulses of Action Painting with the mechanical processes of silk-screening, as well as relief printing, marbleizing, traditional gold-leaf illumination, and subtle collage processes that are entirely of his own invention.

Isfahan, 2009

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Old abandoned buildings are filled with history, a sense of creepiness and amazing photographic opportunities. One such place is the abandoned historic landmark Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV, deemed one of the most haunted places in North America. Originally named Weston State Hospital, it was built right before the Civil War in the mid-1800′s, (1858 through 1858 to be exact), to house about 250 psychiatric patients. It opened for business in 1864 and ran full to the brim by the 1950′s, as it was wrought with overcrowding, topping out at over 2,400 patients.

The hospital finally closed in 1994 and was bought in an auction by Joe Jordan in 2007, and one can now tour the facility during the day and go on overnight “Ghost Tours” that start at 9PM and run till 4:30 AM.

We traveled out there this past weekend for the overnight ghost tour and had an experience we shall never forget. From doors closing on their own, to a little girl’s voice, to watching the crew from the Antietam Paranormal Society set up their equipment and conduct investigative research into paranormal activity within the building.

Even if your not a believer in spirits, the opportunity to learn the history of this magnificent hand-cut stone masonary building that spans 242,000 square feet (the largest in the United States) is well worth the trip.

Here are a slue of photos we snapped on our adventure.

Visit the website for the Trans-Allengheny Lunatic Asylum to find out about tours.

The Naked Truth About Art

By Lorette C. Luzajic

“Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither…”
(Job 1:21)

In a world where bombs and beheadings and shooting sprees and starvation are daily events, it’s hard to believe that anyone could find a naked woman offensive. But the nude, arguably the earliest and most essential theme in the history of art, continues to shock and offend.

In the 19th century, artist Paul Gauguin scandalized society by leaving Europe to paint in tropical Tahiti. It was cruel of him to abandon his wife and children, but that’s not what raised eyebrows and raised tongues. It was the island women who posed nude for the paintings that were to become Gauguin’s masterpieces.

Two Tahitian Women – Paul Gauguin

Over a century later, the artist’s bare breasted beauties still have the power to shock. Last week, at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, a woman attacked an $80 million dollar Gauguin painting, pummeling it with her fist and trying to wrench it loose from the wall. “I feel that Gauguin is evil. He has nudity and is bad for the children. He has two women in the painting and it’s very homosexual. I was trying to remove it. I think it should be burned,” Susan Burns said.

The perpetrator in this case was likely mentally ill, as she told officials she was from the CIA and had a radio in her head. But the hostile attempt to ransack censor, or protest art for the slightest display of nudity is widespread.

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Shadow (2009)

Budgeted at a million euros, directed by Frederico Zampaglione, Italian psychological horror flick Shadow is the second film under this director’s belt. The film is not rated, but if it were made in the good ol’ USA, it would have been rated R due to its bizarre torture scenes and swearing. But that is not all this film is…read on.

David (Jake Muxworthy), an Iraqi war vet and passionate bicyclist, takes some time out and decides to bike ride through Europe. While riding through the picturesque mountainous forest called The Shadow in Italy, he stops for a rest at a tavern in the open wilderness. Inside he grabs a beer, eyes a pretty girl named Angeline (Karina Testa) reading her book and tips the owner well for his brew. In walks two British extras, Buck and Fred, (Ottaviano Blitch and Chris Coppola) from the original Mad Max movie and you know the harassment will start faster than you can say Mel.

Sure enough the Mad Max hunter twins cause a ruckus, however while shielding these two young patrons from further confrontation, the tavern owner thwarts the troublemakers from causing any harm, as they scuttle out the door.

That evening, while camping in the area known as the Pass of the Shadow, David loses his tent in the wind, but he is found by Angeline and shares her tent for the night. She tells him of a chilling story of rebels taking shelter in the village underground coal mine and soldiers attacked them. Women, children, the elderly, all taking refuge were burned alive. The mountain people told her if anyone goes near that part of the forest they never come out alive.

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