The delightful O-No Sashimi vinyl toy by illustrator and vinyl toy creator Andrew Bell will be making it’s debut appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2011, which starts July 21st. Visit Dumbrella Booth 1135 to check it out. If your not able to make it to the convention this year since it practically sold out in 10 seconds flat, a batch will be available at the Dead Zebra Shop.

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A new exhibition presented by Scion, titled ”The Big Idea”, curated by the Paris-based creative agency Monsieur L’Agent, showcases a roster of art directors, illustrators and graphic designers, and their interpretation of visual communication in artistic form.

Monsieur L’Agent has forged a reputation for delivering innovative graphic solutions to a range of projects and briefs and for this, their first official group show, all the participating artists were given the same brief: Design a billboard that illustrates your interpretation of “The Big Idea” – the term coined by George Lois – one of the advertising world’s great art-directors.

“The search for The Big Idea: to solve a specific communications problem with words and images that catch people’s eyes, penetrate their minds, warm their hearts, and cause them to act… the passionate belief that creativity can solve almost any problem – The Big Idea, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything. Great graphic communication depends on understanding and adapting to the culture, anticipating the culture, criticizing changes in the culture, and sometimes helping to change the culture….” – George Lois

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Once barely heard of, yarn bombing, a type of knitting graffiti, is finally creeping more and more into the spotlight. Elements seen in the streets are covered in bright colored knitted yarn, from fences to water pipes, to trees and street signs, you name it, it’s been covered. Here are 23 cool yarn bombing photos, with deets on how to start crocheting yourself.

Since crocheting is a predominately female past time, it’s no wonder that yarn bombing is the female version of the mostly male-dominated world of urban street graffiti. Makes you wish you paid attention when your grandma taught you girls how to crochet when you were young. (It’s never too late.)

via Roxana (in China)

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Print advertising design for TEDx Vienna, depicting Andy Warhol, Mark Zuckerberg and Yuri Gagarin. From Creative Director Alexander Schönburg, at Agency 4e7 in Vienna, Austria.

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Urko Suaya’s eye for dramatic creativity produces the most amazing fashion photography, of which you have seen before, but just don’t know it.

Models feet in the air, angular poses, and an emphasis on telling a story permeate these fashion layouts that bring the shoes and clothing they advertise off the hanger and into a world all their own.

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The Art of Boneface

14 Jun

An artist to recently cross our radar is Boneface (based in Liverpool), whose artwork is noticeably influenced by comic books, video games, and B horror films. Not only does he illustrate but has also works on collages and his work has graced magazine covers, t-shirts and album covers. Here are some samples of his illustrations.

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Chris Sheridan’s ‘Shadows, Persona, and Trickery’ show opens this Saturday, June 18th, 2011, at Art Whino Gallery in National Harbor, Maryland, right outside DC.

A collection of paintings which influenced by the effects of magic and religion and how they played a role in building our early societies, and the disconnect between these theories and beliefs and contemporary modes of thinking. Hidden in the work is the artist’s search for the soul, which he believes is the construct that holds all of these ideas together in our collective unconscious.

Paintings from left to right: The Hipster Madonnas – part 2: Diana (kept a buck in the woods), The Hipster Madonnas – part 1: Mary (had a little lamb), The Hipster Madonnas - part 3: Isis (of the throne, with her goat).

A special live musical performance by Ghost of Handsome Skin begins at 9PM. Shadows, Persona, and Trickery show ends July 11, 2011.

Visit Chris Sheridan’s website to learn more about the artist and see more of his artwork.

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