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22 Feb

favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a website iconshortcut iconurl icon, or bookmark icon is a 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixel square icon associated with a particular website or webpage.

A web designer can create such an icon and install it into a website (or webpage) by several means, and most graphical web browsers will then make use of it. Browsers that provide favicon support typically display a page’s favicon in the browser’s address bar and next to the page’s name in a list of bookmarks.

I recently came across a post from Fineicons.com which showcases a collection Favicons they deemed ‘most remarkable’.

Here is a screenshot:


Go to FineIcons.com for full list.

Here is another screenshot of really cool Favicons. They’re like logos for your web browsing experience. If you don’t have one yet…get started. There is a convenient article below which instructs you on how to make one.

Go here to create your own.

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Flyers like advertisements inform us of events. Whether it be a gallery opening, a musical gig, or food tasting, flyers must make an eye catching statement if you want people to attend. Flyers have come along way and many a design inspiration can be found from them.  Here is a dose of eye candy in a collection of flyers for graphic inspiration and for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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We all love those posts…the ones where there are links to cool stuff we either want to know, we never knew existed, or love to read about.

Well, we’re adding a new feature post called ‘Click That Link’, which is a complied list of websites for cool and interesting things you’ll want to you know about.


DifferenceBetween.net – It is exactly what it says it is. It the place to go to find out the difference between similar  terms and objects. Whether it be food, gadgets, cars, tests, operating systems, you name it, it has the difference. You can get lost for hours learning cool stuff.

General-Search.com – File hosting services contain millions of files shared by people. In order to search you only have to type in the file you are looking for in the search bar. Additionally, you can narrow down search by specifying which, from the three file hosting sites you would like to search in. You can subscribe to an RSS feed of a search to track for updates when new files come up.

ShadyURL – Want to freak out your Twitter users. Use this to shorten your links. You might have  your Followers drop in large numbers, but hey, it’s fun.

Oursignal – Live breaking social news. Newly added feature: You can even customize your own version. You just have to sign-up.



BugMeNot – bypass compulsory registration with free web passwords. Simply search for a website that forces you to register and get your logins.


BeforeandAfter – In case you’ve been hiding under a rock or simply have never happened upon this informative site, Before and After Magazine has been helping graphic designer’s since 1990. This magazine bring you the best articles on how to design cool stuff. Some articles are free, most need a paid subscription. Once your signed up,  new articles come directly into your email inbox.  I say it’s worth it.

Here is a screenshot:


Articles are not one page in length. This article for example is 13 pages.

GraphicDefineMagazine – An online magazine focusing on the business of running a graphic, web, or interactive design studio.


YouDriveWhat – Photos of funny, strange, weird and ugly cars. See what other people drive. It makes you feel better about your own vehicle.

I wouldn’t even be caught dead in this Hello Kitty Pepto Bismol car.

TheLongestList – The website domain name is: http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com. Yea…supercalafragaliciousexpealidoshus! It’s a site that list the longest of things. Like the longest apartment building to the longest advertisement. A site for when your very bored.

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Hans van Bentam, a Dutch Sculptor, was born in The Hague, and works in Rotterdam, the Czech Republic and China. Below are some of his unique yet bizarre chandeliers.


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A look at New York City in the 1970′s.

Alot has changed in New York City. Once know for it’s working-girl laden Meatpacking District, rundown pockets of neighborhoods, and peep-show heaven 42nd Street, New York has transformed itself.  Gone is the seediness once depicted in Martin Scorsese’s film Taxi Driver.

A plethora of films used the streets of New City during the 70′s as their backdrop. Some include The Godfather (1972), Shaft (1971), Mean Streets (1973), Serpico (1973), The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974), and who can forget Dog Day Afternoon (1975) with Al Pacino, who portrayed a bank robber whose quick heist turns into a hostage situation. That film was shot in Brooklyn, at the Chase Manhattan Bank, on the corner of East Third Street and Avenue P. Besides being rich in film and social history, it is also rich in photography opportunities. Here is look back on images from 1970′s New York City.

Greenwich Village, 6th Ave & 4th St – 1971

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A new Alice in Wonderland featurette.

Colorful, fun and tad suggestive. You can buy this poster “Let’s Have Some Fun with Joysticks at Posters For Humans.

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