The Crazies (remake), directed by Breck Eisner, starring Timothy Olyphant and Rahda Mitchell (from Silent Hill), is a remake of the 1973 original movie by George A. Romero. I haven’t been this excited about a horror movie opening since the Hills Have Eyes 2. The Crazies screams Hills to me, and if it’s anything close to the ghoulish craziness depicted in that film, then I will be adding this flick to my DVD collection. Here are some of the original and reboot movie posters of The Crazies, along with artworks that depict that creepy Cold War gas mask. By the way, if you’ve been living under a rock…the movie opens tomorrow.

Shave That Baby Doll

25 Feb

The internet brings us some many great things and much needed information, but to top it off with a maraschino cherry (those things taste awful!) it is the one place you can find the most preposterous of things you have never seen in your life.

Enter…the ‘You Can Shave The Baby Doll’. Imagine Toys R Us stocking up on these. They’d fly off the shelves. Most likely as a gag toy but still. Future children’s Christmas lists across the nation: “Dear Santa, I would like a Shiny New Bike, Dora the Explorer Leapster video game and…Shave the Baby Doll.” Parents across the world faint. But no parent has to worry, it is actually a peice of art! It is designed to highlight the socialization of girls.

via feministing via Raster Art

I just don’t get it. While my heart goes out to the poor women’s family, I can’t understand how anyone could be shocked over the tragic death of the female trainer at Sea World because she was killed by Shamu the Killer Whale. Shocking because her life was taken from her too soon, yes. But when it comes to ‘wild’ animals how could anyone be shocked when the animals don’t act how we think they should. Sure wild animals we have in captivity are trained to some extent, but an animal’s instinct and behavior always prevails.

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It’s about as official as it can be: According to Roger Friedman’s Showbiz411 blog (and other Internet sources) there will be, at long last, a major motion picture on the life of Frank Sinatra: Martin Scorsese will direct and Leonardo DiCaprio will star. Since Mr. Scorsese has the cooperation of the late singer’s family (they have been discussing such a project for at least 15 years), he will, thankfully, be able to use Sinatra’s classic recordings. The major question is, how believable will that legendary voice be when it is seen coming out of the face of Mr. DiCaprio? The central disappointment with the 1992 TV miniseries “Sinatra” was that it was impossible to suspend one’s disbelief: Leading man Philip Casnoff never seemed like anything other than a lip-syncing TV actor in a tuxedo. How are Messrs. Scorsese and DiCaprio going to do better? Is the obvious fact that Mr. DiCaprio is an icon in his own right going to help them or hurt them?
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A great design trend today is creative typography use. Here is a collection of 20 stunning examples of creative portraits using typography as its main element.

by 6-470-818-671

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Flip through any women’s magazine and you see them. Those inviting pictures of women in contorted poses drapped in luxurious materials beckoning you with visual imagery to buy the items which they are promoting. If I buy that perfume, I’ll look like her. No you won’t. It’s just all glamour fashion photography all in the name of advertising. High fashion photography is art in it’s own right, but who are the people behind the lens? Well, here are three high fashion photographers you might not have heard of, but have surely seen their work.

Zena Holloway was born in Bahrain in 1973 and raised in London. At 18 she traveled the globe working as a SCUBA instructor and developed a passion for underwater photography and film.

Completely self-taught Zena’s images are striking, instinctive and driven by a deep understanding of her medium. She delivers the remarkable combining the highly technical aspects of underwater photography with superb creative direction resulting in extraordinary magical imagery. She has taken underwater photography to entirely new depths.

Zena’s renowned underwater photography appears regularly for publications such as How to Spend it, The Observer Magazine, 125, Tatler and Dazed & Confuzed.

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In this YouTube video, a peppy dude named Torley explains the breakdown of how to play the piano that is similar to or sounds like Phillip Glass. He goes off about ostinatos and harmonic chord percussions.  I love Phillip Glass and wish I knew how to play the piano, so I found this YouTube video quite entertaining.

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