The Arts Council for Long Beach for The Collaborative has organized it’s second exhibit titled ‘Liminal’ which opens today, August 12, 2011. This exhibition explores the convergence of science, technology and imagination in the creation of organisms reflecting systems of life, death, regeneration, hybridization and transformation. Chosen through an open call-to-artists by the Arts Council’s Advisory Committee for Public Art, Liminal features a site-specific installation by Los Angeles-based artist Meeson Pae Yang. Yang receiving her BFA from University of California, Los Angeles, and has gone on to exhibit her work internationally in France, India and South Korea.

Liminal reflects the cognitive need to understand our environment, which were inspired by the discovery of life in the most extreme environments. The artist crafts a semi-permeable space where the viewer is encouraged to contemplate humanity’s evolving relationship to nature in an age of accelerated technological advances.

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Art and the Beauty Myth Myth

By Lorette C. Luzajic

Without a doubt, there are idiots with a narrow view of what is beautiful, but the vast majority of men I meet see far more nuances than they are given credit for. The so-called pressure “forced” on women by the beauty industry and the fickle world of fashion is actually quite voluntary. No one is holding a gun to the heads of women to buy millions of fashion magazines or cosmetic products. I for one enjoy makeup and sexy underwear. There is nothing shallow about beauty in relation to sexual attraction, either – looked at from another perspective, sexual attractiveness is the meaning of life itself. Without it, there could be no human race.

Sadie 2011 – Lorette C. Luzajic

True, we can’t all be Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Jolie (or Ryan Gosling), but we are all enriched by their beauty. Every one of us has the power to do as much or as little as we damn well please to express our personal beauty, and to decide to be less obsessive and more accepting of our natural gifts and limitations. And while beauty is not the only important thing in life, attention to our physical package indicates confidence, sexuality, health, mental health, and morale. Regardless of whether we were blessed with unique endowments or sadly skipped over by Aphrodite, another’s beauty is a gift for all of us. Taking this perspective  radically changes the obsession and jealousy that might fuel our relationship with the beautiful and with ourselves. In seeing things this way, we can choose to avoid the pursuits of unreasonable perfection to which critics of artifice object.

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Pretty on the Inside, organized by Erik Parker and KAWS, is the first time that the two artists have collaborated to organize an exhibition. Pretty on the Inside which is currently on show at the Paul Kasmin Gallery, includes works in a range of media by seven American artists: Todd James, KAWS, Tony Matelli, Erik Parker, Joyce Pensato, Peter Saul, and Karl Wirsum.

Eric Parker – Untitled, 2011

At first glance, these artworks challenge the viewer through their visual intensity, but upon closer inspection, they reveal an inner beauty. Many of the artists included make ironic or subversive works, hijacking the language of cartoons and comics to both celebrate and criticize contemporary culture.

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The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Office of Public Health Preparedness has a Zombie Poster.

We’d order our own but they are completely out. Go figure.


The Art of Raul Urias

10 Aug

Illustrator Raul Urias who hails from Mexico has a signature colorful drippy style which adds movement and energy to any design he creates.

Here are some samples of his work:

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The Japanese Popstars’ track ‘Let Go’ gets a stylize animated music video. The tune featuring techno artist Green Velvet on vocals.

Damn trippy.

Land Carpet is a modern area rug designed by Florian Putcher, based on satellite images and inspired by nature and farmed landscapes. It shows the world from an aerial view, as one would see it from the window of a plane.

The stylized fields are of different height and let Land Carpet appear like a miniaturized landscape, each of them representing a different continent or country. Europe is held in warm green and brown colors, the United States comes in very fresh green colors, Africa displays as earth tones and Netherlands as a colorful array of pastel flowers in a field.

North America

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