West Yorkshire Playhouse has decided against letting patrons use internet message service Twitter on their mobile phones at the back of the auditorium during some performances.

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Overheard many times in one’s life is the age old question posed to a female:  ’If you could be a man for a day would you?” The answers vary but one answer is clearly the winner…Yes!…directly followed by “Cause I could pee standing up”. Well ladies, the day has come and you don’t have to have a sex change.

All you need is GoGirl.

It’s a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to urinate while standing up. They say it’s neat, discreet and hygienic and it’s made from medical grade silicone.

You just lower your undies, and put GoGirl against your body, forming a seal.  Aim and pee.

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Brooklyn-based artist Nic Rad’s exhibit ‘PeopleMatter’ is currently showing at RARE Gallery in New York City through May 8, 2010.

Rad is showcasing his 18-month long project PeopleMatter, a collection of 99 painted portraits that capture a moment in the history of communication. Subjects include bloggers, journalists, and Internet “micro-celebrities,” selected using various digital tools.

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These fantastic rings by Australian architect and jewelry designer Marc Barer are anything but ordinary. Stick your middle finger up twice with this sterling silver ring (below).  He has quite an array of fantastic adornments.

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“Grace Kelly: Style Icon” exhibit showcasing dresses that Grace Kelly wore in screen classics such as “High Society” and “Rear Window” are going on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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One can get lost in Russian artist’s Evgeny Kislev’s art for hours within the beauty of a multitude of colorful shapes he weaves.

His works have been were published in Computer arts (U.K.), IDN (Hong Kong), ROJO (Spain), and Grafik magazine (U.K.), to name a few.

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The video showing July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch from Kennedy Space Center. Via (HD) Camera E-8, on 16 mm film, shot at 500 frames per second. Not only is the video beyond informative, it’s fascinating to watch.

Mark Gray

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