If you have $1,300 to spare you can purchase this steampunk sculpture by CatherinetteRings. A lot of work went into this beauty.

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If you like the macabre or eery illustrations, you will enjoy German illustrator and graphic designer  B. König’s extraordinary work…

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The omelette (available at Boisdale restaurant in the City of London) is made from the eggs of the black-headed gull, which can cost as much as £5 each (almost $7.50 USD). Okay…I still don’t see how the price balances out…but let’s take a look at the process…

The eggs can be gathered for only six weeks a year by a small number of licensed collectors, making them a little more exclusive than those in the average supermarket carton.

Light and fluffy in texture yet deep, rich and earthy in flavour, the omelette is then filled with the finest Scottish lobster and crab, as well as Italian truffles and fresh English asparagus. And the final flourish? A splash of Champagne.

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Would you dole out $133 smackaroos for breakfast?


Director Gus Van Sant was a hungry art student studying painting at the Rhode Island School of Design before he claimed fame with ‘Drugstore Cowboy’, ‘Good Will Hunting’ and ‘Milk’.

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Italian-made, English-language film “Suspiria”, directed by Dario Argento, is one of those films everyone has on their Top 10 Horror Movie List.

I am about to start a huge debate, by going out on a limb in stating “I don’t see what the fuss is about.”

Maybe Suspira was a breakout art-house graphic horror film in 1977, but I do not see what most do that places this film in the top 10 scary films of all time.

The over-used sounds of drums and instrumental music by The Goblins and the loud spirit voices yelling or whispering at any given moment, I found to be a distraction, not atmospheric as most suggest.

Filmed for the most part, in somber tones with splashes of primary colors during important and scary suspenseful scenes, gave the film an overall feeling of one stepping into a horror comic book. Argento focuses on certain scenes for longer than necessary (IMHO), probably to evoke some feeling of terror, but it really was lost on me. I understand I am suppose to ‘feel’ the chaos derived from his technique, but it simply drives one to distraction.

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An amazing shadow puppet video that is actually a commercial. Take a look.

Shag carpet, check. Clear chairs, check. Bold, brash, colorful and geometric in nature, 1960′s interior design is anything but bland. Transport yourself back to a bygone era with these photos.

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