The first ever US sale of Iranian contemporary art was held in New York last month, but met with a lukewarm response.

Despite the world’s largest Iranian expatriate community, the US market for contemporary Iranian art “is still in its infancy”, said Rizvi-Khursheed, particularly in comparison with cities like Dubai and London where there have been dedicated sales of Middle Eastern contemporary art, including Iran, since 2005. Read whole article: artnewspaper

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The opening scene plays out visually through the eyes of ‘something’ being born. Stuck in a womb, it cannot come out by itself and it is slipping in and out of consciousness. Through this vision, we experience what it would be like if we were aware of our birth and I give props to director Vincenzo Natali for creating such an interesting point of view. Natali has an extensive background as a storyboard artist, so what else would one expect.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie you know the premise. Two ambitious scientist lovers Clive Nicoli (Adrian Brody) and Elsa Kast (Sarah Polley) create a creature in a scientific experiment. What led them to this was their initial project, which I shall explain in extreme layman terms, was by creating two organisms, named Fred and Ginger (which looks like massively overgrown slugs) from splicing DNA and voila, an animal “species” (per se) from scratch.  The project is a success. Their investors are very happy and now for phase two, utilize the slugs and extract a certain protein, so the investor company can reap esteem and wealth. However, Clive and Elsa would rather save the world and use their creation to cure diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease or cancer.

Sorry, huge corporation doesn’t want to deal with saving the world from disease so said scientists risk their careers and forgo any ethical reasoning they have and splice another dose (this time with human DNA) into a gestation mass, to see if they can actually create an embryo. If their project is getting shut down, they want to go out with a bang.

Of course the experiment works and in an Alien worthy moment, said experiment escapes it’s confines, thrashes around an enclosed environment playing hide and seek until it woos Elsa into keeping it, with it’s cute bald head, chirpy sounds and Pug-esque-head-cocked-side-ways-glance.

From this point on you would expect this to turn into a horror film quite quickly. Well it doesn’t. It evolves slowly, unlike the female creature, which they eventually name Dren, whose shows signs of escalated cell growth, so no worries she’ll die soon enough. Right? But then how will this movie play out? I’ll tell ya. It turns into an ABC Family Special on shrooms.

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One word describes Jacob’s Magraw’s work. Brilliant!  Fantastical expression in color grabs your eyeballs and do not let go.

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Short film titled “Momentos’ written and directed by Nuno Rocha for LG Portugal. Powerful stuff! If your not moved by this, you must be a statue.

This week’s Friday Food Links is a potluck hodge-podge of recipes, ranging from seafood, chicken, soups, risotto, and some cocktail concoctions for you to try out, along with some interesting links. We search for yummy food links and recipes, so you don’t have to.


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With the True Blood Season 3 premiere right around the corner (June 13th baby), we thought it perfect time to highlight our 20 favorite True Blood Fan artworks. For the most part, artists tend to draw the three main characters, Sookie, Bill and Eric.


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Three months ago we did a story on illustrator Matt Kish and his project titled ‘One Day For Every Page of Moby Dick’, drawing one piece everyday until completion. He is currently just about half way through, with roughly 285 more pages to go.  Today being his birthday, he is allowed to take the day off, which he will, but will return right back to it after his special day is over. No rest for the weary.

Here are some new pieces from his project…

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