Atelier Van Lieshout (AVL) is a multidisciplinary company that operates internationally in the field of contemporary art, design and architecture. AVL was founded in 1995 by Joep van Lieshout. The name Atelier Van Lieshout emphasises the fact that the works of art do not stem solely from the creative brain of Joep van Lieshout, but are produced by a creative team. Here are some samples of their work…

Cradle to Cradle, a mixed media installation is a self-sufficient system to recycle humans.

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Yago Hortal was born in Barcelona, 1983 and currently lives and works in Berlin. Here are some amazing works by Yago Hortal; paintings with glorious blobs of color. The combinations are seemingly endless.

Visit Yago Hortal’s website to see more artworks.

The FURTHUR Summer Tour is coming to Coney Island.

Celebrate the FURTHUR Summer Tour at this historic Coney Island venue with 2 magical after parties produced for Dead Heads by Dead Heads.

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From her bio: Cui Fei was born in Jinan, China. Cui attended the Affiliate High School of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now China Academy of Fine Arts) where later she received her BFA degree in painting. Immediately following her graduation, she taught for three years as an assistant professor at the Shandong Academy of Fine Arts.

Her installations are a textural experience, utilizing thorns, thread and paper maché.

Thorns on rice paper…

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Seeing this news immediately transported me back to my Donkey Kong Country playing days. The days I’d stay up all night playing, and leave the game on pause during the day till I came home from work, so I continue right were I left off. I kept the game on a full week…and finished it of course. Ah, the joys of thumb-itis.

And now this classic returning! We’re so exited. Here is the trailer.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is developed by Metroid Prime creators Retro Studios. The game will feature the same familiar 2D gameplay that players have come to expect of the franchise. The trailer shows Donkey and Diddy making their way through levels of mine carts, swinging from vines, and fighting through pirate ships.

Ronald Bladen (1918-1988) is considered one of the founders of Minimalism, but he was also a self-proclaimed romantic. His interest in monumental scale and simple form was less a product of conceptual reductionism, but rather, of an interest in the drama which such forms can inspire. He was interested in the “presence” of a work of art. The solidity and simplicity of his work was intended to reinforce its stature, to stabilize and ground itself as the viewer shifts position.

The X, 1967-68, Painted aluminum

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Upcoming Nick Gentry exhibition…

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