Don’t get your panties into a bunch. This is not like Wim Delvoye‘s tattooed pigs. Sculptor Dietrich Wegner doesn’t really tattoo the babies, it just looks like he has.

His work can be interpreted as such that he brings to light the bombardment of advertising babies and children are subject to. It is estimated that children see 40,000 ads a year. Children at the age of 3 years old recognize the Target Logo.

These Cumulous Brand works, Wegner focuses on children in these works and their identities and how they change over time.

These are real children.

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Sarasota painter and scientific animator, Jeff Hazelton, has filled the new upstairs gallery space of G.WIZ with his latest large scale work, blending both his love of vibrant colorful abstraction, and his expertise in the science of stereoscopy, to create an experience that is entirely unique.

As in the recent blockbuster movie, “Avatar,” observers will need to don specialized 3D glasses to enjoy the full effect of the artwork. The final effect causes the abstractions on the flat canvas surface to appear to float in front of the observer. The compositions consist of bold colors, geometric patterns, mixed with microscopic anatomy and “automatic drawings” taken from Hazelton’s vast sketch book, penciled while sailing around the world.

Jeff Hazelton

The 3D environments extend the walls of the exhibit space into vast expanses designed to immerse the observer into the artwork.

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Press Release: For the first time the Brooklyn Museum is inviting visitors to get directly involved in choosing the programs that will be presented at its popular Target First Saturdays event. From July 1 to 31, members of the public may log on to and nominate performers, musicians, films, books, and DJs that they would like to see featured at the October 2, 2010, First Saturday.

Nominees should relate to the exhibition Extended Family: Contemporary Connections, an exhibition that embraces the shared values and diversity of contemporary Brooklyn. At the end of the one-month nomination period, the Museum’s First Saturday committee will narrow down the nominees in each category based on relevance to the theme and artist availability.

Voting by the public will take place August 1 to 15. The winners will be announced after August 15.

Made possible by the Wallace Foundation Community Programs Fund, established by the Wallace Foundation with additional support from DLA Piper US LLP, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Ellis A. Gimbel Trust, National Grid, and other donors.

Photograph by Crystal Lopez.

If you’re curious how many people use the internet, or how many emails are sent per day, how many of them are spam and how many tweets are sent, check out this informative short video titled ‘The State of the Internet’ by JESS3 which shows statistics of Internet use across the globe. Included are stats for Facebook, number of bloggers, and more. Did you know Facebook needs at least 30,000 servers!!??

The numbers are staggering.

This video was designed and animated this for the JESS3 lecture at AIGA Baltimore in Feb 2010.

Nothing defines the 80′s quite like Valley Girl talk, John Hughes films and the video arcade game Pac Man. Here are some totally cool Pac Man fan art illustrations. Like fersure!

by Samurai PET

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The whimsical style and bright colors of artist Dave Barnis animation designs caught our eye at the Florida Supercon a few weeks back and we sat down for a little Q & A to find out more about him.

Dave Barnis was born in Meriden, CT, but spent most of his childhood in Southington, CT with his mother and two brothers. After graduating from Southington High School he was accepted into The Art Institute of Philadelphia where he was a top student in the Animation and Media Arts Program and was awarded a Best of Quarter Award in Motion Graphics and the honor of receiving one of their Presidential Scholarships.  He also had the great opportunities of having internships at 4KID Productions working on Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Fast Forward and the other at MTV for the LOGO NETWORK.

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An awkward jokester, Cooper (Chris Marquette), is in the process of getting fired by his boss when he hears a deafening ringing noise. He awakens later to find himself cocooned in a web and pries off his silky entanglement. The whole office is now covered in webs and after fighting with a gigantic bug, he tries to piece together events and learns that everything has been infested.

Having a slight case of entomophobia (more on the grossed out side than anxious) I was skeptical to watch this movie. However, due to the colossal size of the insects depicted in Infestation, I compared it to watching Starship Troopers, for what really causes me to act out my condition commonly referred to as ‘Covermyisis‘ is seeing bugs at their normal size in large amounts.

Infestation, (written and directed by Kyle Rankin), initially a SyFy movie recently released on DVD, wastes no time in getting to the set up, within five minutes its web city. Although there are some bug beefs, the film doesn’t rely too heavily on constant human versus bug battles throughout simply to gain your attention (thank god), it was the journey the characters experience that takes the lead.

Marquette and Nevin have an agreeable chemistry that is amusing to watch. In fact all the actors played their part well, regardless of how much screen time they were afforded.

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