Take a look at these rocking skateboard decks featuring female rocker icons such as Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks and Blondie.

Cool enough to hang on your wall. Available from Wallride.

Starting this Sunday, if you glance through the foliage of the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, you just might see the toes of a gigantic, upside-down appendage stretching three or four stories high into the palm fronds of the park’s many trees.  If you go inside, you’ll find two dozen 30- to 45-foot-tall inflatable sculptures that make up ‘Giants in the City’, a free, whimsical art exhibit that runs till August 6, 2010.

The person behind this exhibit is  Miami artist Alejandro Mendoza behind the traveling project. His personal mission began as a personal mission to turn convert his art into large sculptures.

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Picture your iPhone 4 encased in 200-years old African Blackwood. This is what it would look like…

The Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamond casing has an 18-K gold Apple logo embedded on the backside with an inlaid black diamond.

It makes the phone look gorgeous!



Painting by Willy Stöwer

A team of scientists will launch an expedition to the Titanic next month to assess the deteriorating condition of the world’s most famous shipwreck and create a detailed three-dimensional map that will “virtually raise the Titanic” for the public.

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The undead meets an 80′s cuddly character icon in this Zombie Care Bear T-Shirt  design by Yayzus.

Available at Tee Fury.

Care Bears Trivia: The Care Bears characters were created by American Greetings for greeting cards in 1981. The original artwork for the cards was painted by artist Elena Kucharik. The toy company Kenner, turned the Care Bears into plush teddy bears in 1983.

These Valencia Candleholders are designed by Jaime Hayon for Gaia & Gino. This project explores the optical qualities of crystal via sandblasting and configuration of candlesticks. The candlesticks may also be configured in a tertiary structure since they fit together.

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This scuba diving cat beats the pants off Tyson the skate boarding bulldog…paws down. Sorry Ty.


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