Zeng’s Animal Print Collages are quite eery but have underlying quality of curiousity that draws you in.

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Title sequencing today is an art form unto itself, not only for films, but for a lot of TV shows as well. That wasn’t always the case.

Back in the 1980′s being different and creative in TV action series intro’s wasn’t something that was very important, in fact it seems everyone stole the same story board.

The tv series intro always included at least two of the following in the montage if not all:


  • Lead in tuxedo or formal wear as costume (or not) to blend in (or maybe to emulate James Bond, who knows)
  • Supporting character in costume (denotes being undercover)
  • A car or truck being driven or spinning out it’s tires or crashing
  • Said car jumping over a large body of water
  • A gratuitous Lead male smiling brightly shot
  • Token female supporting actress smiling or in distress or annoyed with what the male Lead has done
  • Token female supporting actress holding a gun
  • Lead jumping from high places
  • Goofy look when Lead screws up something
  • A scene in an alley somewhere
  • An explosion (usually car or boat explosion depending on locale) or fire
  • Lead flying an airplane (or some sort of airborne vehicle is shown)

It’s quite comical. If you don’t believe me take a look…


YouTube Preview Image

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Now this is brilliant advertising! Check out this video titled ‘Hair Conditioner’. I can’t say much more about it, for it would ruin it.


ECD: Gastón Bigio
Head of Art: Jonathan Gurvit
Creatives: Ignacio Ferioli / Joaquin Cubria
Producer: Marcelo Ramos / Valeria Pinto

Production Company: El.Ei Studios
Director: Jonathan Gurvit
Ejecutive Producers: Sebastián Lopez / Rodrigo Carvajal
DOP: Alejandro Giulani
Editor: Sabrina Mottino
Music: Andres Cortes

Bela Borsodi’s photography redefines the medium as Picasso’s redefined painting.

In some of his editorial work, sex appeal is exuded without being overt, he breathes life into inanimate objects and makes them seem almost human and fluid and basically knows how to elevate anything he photographs to the next level of perception.

His clients include RocaWear, Italian Glamour, Swarovski, Trident, and Le Sportsac to name a few. View all of Bela Borsodi’s fantastic photography on his website.


In celebration of the High Museum Art of Atlanta’s new exhibition, “Dalí: The Late Work,” Delta has decked out a 757 plane with a Salvador Dalí-esque mustache. The plane, which went into service yesterday, will fly domestically. The High invites travelers who spot or ride on the plane to share their experience on the museum’s Facebook page and on Twitter. Delta Air Lines is the Official Airline of the High Museum of Art.

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The architectural dream known as The Sentosa House by Singapore-based architect Guz Wilkinson sits on a 726sqm flat piece of land that faces the sea. The brief from the client, an Australian couple, was simply to maximize the view.

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This film is a brief analysis of the various models of liberal democratic theory, and how the concept of democratic rule became embedded in the shifting ideas of social equality, and increasingly dependant on the mechanism of capitalism.

The filmmaker states “The film is somewhat lacking in detail, most evidently in dates and significant references for each model examined; but I purposefully wanted to restrict the films length – political philosophy is no easy chore – and some things just had to be edited out. Much of the footage is from an archive of US political events, but it is my hope that the viewer can recognize the relevance of what is being expressed with regards to domestic political activity”.

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