These needle felted, wool celebrity dolls are the creations of doll maker Kay Petal, who lives on the West Coast and lives and works out of her 36 ft RV, with her husband and pet dog. Kay grew up in a small Alaskan town and started crafting at a young age. Married 25 years and a survivor of cancer, Kay has been needling felt since 2007.

She met her felting idol, Birgitte Krag Hansen, after learning Hansen was traveling from Denmark to Alaska to teach some classes, and the rest is history.

U2′s Bono

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Designer Paul Smith was asked to re-invent the now iconic Cylinda Collection by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, best know for designing ‘The Egg’ and ‘Number 7’ chairs. Behold these gorgeous tea and coffee pots.

The collection from Paul Smith respects the integrity of the original design with tea and coffee pots in hand polished stainless-steel while incorporating highlights of colour on the handles indicative of Paul Smith’s innate sense of color and whimsy. We love them!


These creative ads by advertising agency Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland for Hiltl Vegetarian Restaurant, proclaim their food is so good, jungle cats would turn vegetarian.

Tagline: “Sure to make everyone enjoy vegetarian food. Hiltl Vegetarian Restaurant.”

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This Saturday, September 18th, from 6pm till midnight, Art Whino Gallery presents Richard Salicido’s Solo Exhibition ‘Beautiful Failures’.

Richard Salcido’s work encompasses the process of exhibition development by creating an ‘exhibition-worthy’ piece under a daily time constraint from inception to completion, and embracing the idiosyncratic qualities that unfinished pieces may include. He states that “on certain days some things come together and on other days everything seems to fall apart,” but accepts each as it comes.

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The Gagosian presents Dan Colen’s first major solo exhibition in New York. This follows his two-part exhibition “I Live There”/“An Allegory of Faith” at Gagosian Gallery Davies Street in 2009 and the surreptitious exhibition “Potty Mouth Potty War” in the bathrooms of Gagosian Gallery West 24th Street in 2006.

Drawing from mass media, local environment, and subculture, Colen’s art imbues the ordinary, the disenfranchised, and the tribal with provocative new status.

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Amazing modern coffee table concept design “VIRA Breeze Series” by Svilen Gamolov. The item is part of Breeze series of furniture. Materials: plastic or aluminium. Dimentions: W: 91 cm., D: 91 cm., H: 40 cm. The product is currently looking for producers.

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Ceramist Nancy Kubale

15 Sep

The works of ceramist Nancy Kubale are anything but traditional. A slight hint of the unusual, a dose of playful and sprinkle of a distant cousin of Tim Burton permeates her ceramic sculptures.

The artists says “My sculpture addresses our pursuit of Truth (trying to figure out what and how things really are) and the nature of our humanness.  Within the structure of the human form lies the possibility to recognize ourselves and the opportunity to contemplate the complexities and contradictions of the world we live in.

Here are some samples of her work…

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