‘Casino Employee’s Day’ photography art print by Jeremy Kohm will give you something to look at for hours, if not 20 minutes…at least. It’s a brilliant composition.

Jeremy Kohm’s statement regarding this piece: Generally I like to create clean, simple and organized images. The challenge with this photograph was in trying to create some sense of visual structure. I wanted to construct an image that could easily be absorbed and processed by the viewer despite its overwhelming nature.

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‘Honoring the Past, Celebrating The Present’ Juried Event Features 190 of the Nation’s Most Accomplished Craft Artists

Artists often are inspired by nature, and many find motivation in the world around them. Paying tribute to the past and honoring one’s heritage are also important to many artisans, who sometimes spend years conducting research in order to create artwork that combines historical techniques with contemporary forms.

Valeri Timofeev

Such is the case with many of the artists who will exhibit their work at the 23rd annual Washington Craft Show, including Latvian-born jeweler Valeri Timofeev (b. 1941), who is considered the modern day master of a technique known as “plique à jour,” a French phrase which means “light of day,” or “open to light.”

First popular with the public in the late 19th century, and perhaps best known by the eggs of Carl Fabergé, plique à jour is a technique in which translucent enamels are fused to span a network of gold, silver or copper wire, with no metal backing under the glazed areas.

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Those juicy hamburgers and tacos in fast food ads sure look appetizing don’t they? Well, in reality they don’t. Check out the difference between advertising and the reality of what you get.

Don’t be fooled. Watch how a food stylist fakes makes the burger only “look” scrummy.

YouTube Preview Image

Contemporary, graphic, and bold best describes artist Michael Cina’s paintings. Here are some samples…

Cina’s background is rooted in minimal and graphic communication and visual narratives. He explains “I explore the way I see the physical and spiritual world though time and space. A way for me to show how I see and view the social and physical landscape around me.  Creating art enables me to explore my thoughts and ideas on a more authentic level.

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If the world were turned upside down, the sky would be the sea.

Watch this video by Simon Christen which shows a collection of time lapses takes around the San Francisco Bay Area roughly shot over a one year period.


See more of Simon Christen’s work on his website.

Spray-on fashion redefines fashion and how you pack for your next vacation.

Spanish designer-with-a-PhD, Manel Torres, has created the world’s first spray-on garments that can be removed, washed, worn again, or dissolved to make new ones. Torres, a former student of the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, started toying with sprayable clothing 10 years ago, after he saw people playing with silly string at a wedding. After perfecting a formula with the help of Paul Luckham, a professor of particle technology at Imperial, Torres patented his Fabrican technology.

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The relationship between my paintings and sculpture (or other installation-type work) has intrigued me for a couple decades. The paintings are fairly traditional and almost always personal while the sculptures are more formal, or engage less traditional forms. One thing that seems to have remained constant in all my work is the subject of light, and how to form paint to apprehend light.Dike Blair

Gagosian Gallery is currently exhibiting new gouaches and sculpture by Dike Blair through October 30 , 2010.

In this first exhibition since his recent 10-year survey at the Weatherspoon Art Museum, Blair continues to explore the relationship between painting and sculpture, between the solid, utilitarian reality of three-dimensional forms and the field of illusory visual effects.

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