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A designer and fledgling writer with a passion for culture and the arts, decided to create a place where many facets of ‘art’ and ‘culture’ come together. A place where like minded people can come for some illustrated eye candy, an interesting article, read a movie review, watch an animated video, see where a new exhibition is opening, learn something new in the social media arena or merely gain some inspiration. We originally were GilbertMusings.com but changed our name to ArtNectar.com. Read more information here about our name change.

 So what’s this whole thing about Sweet Art and Tasty Culture?

We all know what Art is. It takes many forms. Our mission is to share great art with the world by artists you may not be aware of, new design concepts that will wow you, and other artistic related content and links.

Culture can be summed up by the following snippets: Simple or complex. A whole way of life. Activities in art, literature and music. Ideas or objects. Beliefs, customs, inventions, language, technology, and traditions. Together, this makes up the collection of everything that touches upon all aspect of our lives.

This is what ArtNectar.com brings to you. Art, architecture, design, food, film, music, photography, technology, and social media , (sweet art and tasty culture), all in one space.

You can find exclusive artist interviews, artist spotlights, art news, design inspiration, watch awesome animated videos, learn about new design products, and much more!

 Sweet and Tasty Stuff

We have a full listing of Art Galleries & Museums worldwide which is constantly being updated. If you’ve exhausted your ideas on where to see exhibitions, or you’re about to travel to another country, check our listings for ideas on where to go.

On the Sidebar to look for things of interest in under Categories. There’s loads to see. You can also check out the Links for Cool Stuff, (our friends and artsy type sites you should visit).

You can follow us on Facebook to get updates. We have a Vimeo Group called Sweet & Tasty Videos where you can upload your videos and share them.

Add your artwork to our Flickr Photo Pool. We hand pick artists once a month and highlight their work on Art Nectar. It could be you.

Our Sister Sites:

Important sites we’ve established but are under the Gilbert Musings title.

If you would like to be a guest blogger on ArtNectar.com please contact us at: rose (at) artnectar.com.

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you again! Take a bite and enjoy!



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