New Kickstarter: Vegan Zombie Graphic Novel Cookbook

25 Jun

Zombies are the new vampires. Get used to it.

Keeping in line with the very lucrative theme and the ever growing ethical food movement Veganism, is a new Kickstarter for The Vegan Zombie Graphic Novel Cookbook. The Vegan Zombie Cookbook from the guys (Chris and John) over at the YouTube channel ZombieGate, will have 120 colorful pages of recipes, stories, zombie art and more. It has 80 vegan recipes!

Here is a sample of one of their Cooking with the Vegan Zombie videos for Creamy Kale Salad:

- With Pledge of $15 or more: Carry On: you get a limited edition The Vegan Zombie Totebag, which includes sticker and E-book.

- With Pledge of $30 or more: Cook & Survive Extra: you get a signed, printed copy of The Vegan Zombie Cookbook, which includes sticker and   E-book.

- With Pledge of $60 or more: Zombie Crew: you receive a signed, printed copy of of The Vegan Zombie Cookbook + a Limited Edition T-shirt, which includes sticker and E-book.

These are just some of the pledge amounts which range from $1 – $3,500 (which has the guys come to you, and actually film an episode of The Vegan Zombie with you in your town or city!)

If you’re a vegan, or simply love zombies, this cookbook sounds super fun!

Artwork in progress for The Vegan Zombie Cookbook

Go to the Vegan Zombie Cookbook Kickstarter page and check it out! Their Vegan Zombie Facebook page is blowing up and has reached over 21,000 followers already.

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