Advertising Flashback: The New York Times Ads From 1946

19 Jun

We recently had the amazing opportunity of perusing a found New York Times newspaper dating back to January 1, 1946. Nothing titilates us more than having the honor of a sneak peek to what was happening in the new year sixty-six years ago: Times Square saw the noisiest ringing in of the New Year since 1941, Winston Churchill was honored with the British Order of Merit,  and the 100th Mayor of New York City, William O’Dwyer, was sworn in at a brief midnight ceremony, to name a few.

Most telling of the times are the advertisements from which we can glean what was in style, how much things cost, and what was no longer in ration (following the war). Take a leap back in time and check out these advertisments in the January 1, 1946 New York Times newspaper.

Brioschi Anti-Acid


Sperti Sun Lamps

A&S Ozone Generator

Gimbels Slipcovers

Macy’s Tires

Oppenheim Collins Fur

Lloyd’s Gin


Stern’s Glitter Snood

Saks’ Creme Oil Perm

The Coward Shoe

Canadian Beaver Fur

Beach Hat

Baldwin Piano

Arnold Constable Overcoats

Stern’s Atlas Dresses

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