Mad Men Style: 20 Vintage Ads From the 50′s and 60′s

3 May

These vintage advertisements from the 1950′s and 60′s are pure Mad Men style. A bit sexist, strange, wordy, colorful and can never be called timeless. Take a trip down memory lane and see how consumer goods were marketed to the public.

Samsonite 1960 via

Jantzen 1950′s

Westinghouse 1954

1960 – Radiation Therapy – Vanadium Corp. of America


Bell Telephone 1961

Western Electric 1960

Western Electric 1959


AAA World-Wide 1967  via

Dodge Dart 1968 via

Chef Boy-Ar-Dee 1960 via

Lifesavers 1960 via

Kitchen Craft Pancake Mix 1960 via

Pink Dove 1960′s via

Ultra Brite 1967 via

Klopman Mills 1961 via

Red Ball Summerettes 1961 via

American Tourister 1968 via

New York Tourism 1960 via

Reddi Wip 1956 via

This ad is quite interesting. It promotes consuming Campbell’s Soup in a unique way…as a drink. Beef Broth mixed with water, add a large splash of lemon juice and voila…a Frisky Sour.

Campbell’s Soup 1962 via

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