Short Film Review: “Drool” An Atmospheric Orgy of Sensuality

16 Feb

Drool, a short film by Slick Devil Entertainment, is an atmospheric orgy of sensuality. Twisted in its depiction of a naked man, contorting in bouleversement, slick and wet with emotion in large white tiled room. The stark lack of color allows one to focus on emotion, which exudes from the Lars Von Treir type cinematography. Enter a female who shares in the man’s turmoil, while writhing over him seductively. A feeling of urgent sadness and pain, monopolizes your thoughts, as they come together in a twisted exchange of drool and slippery desire, only for him to leave her, alone on the floor.

Beautifully executed and hauntingly surreal!


Drool (2011)

Directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Produced by Laura Lona / Mandragoras
4 minutes / B&W

Notes from the director Jeremiah Kipp: My friends at the Mandragoras Art Space wanted to make an experimental short film with me, and I had become interested in making low-tech horror movies with special effects made from household objects, in this case condiments. It’s an incredibly simple narrative, meant to provoke something in the viewer. The drool in the movie can stand in for whatever you want: addiction, amniotic fluid, something sexual, something demonic. When you complete a film, it no longer belongs to you; it belongs to the audience.

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