Art News: Meeson Pae Yang’s ‘Liminal’ Exhibit at The Collaborative

12 Aug

The Arts Council for Long Beach for The Collaborative has organized it’s second exhibit titled ‘Liminal’ which opens today, August 12, 2011. This exhibition explores the convergence of science, technology and imagination in the creation of organisms reflecting systems of life, death, regeneration, hybridization and transformation. Chosen through an open call-to-artists by the Arts Council’s Advisory Committee for Public Art, Liminal features a site-specific installation by Los Angeles-based artist Meeson Pae Yang. Yang receiving her BFA from University of California, Los Angeles, and has gone on to exhibit her work internationally in France, India and South Korea.

Liminal reflects the cognitive need to understand our environment, which were inspired by the discovery of life in the most extreme environments. The artist crafts a semi-permeable space where the viewer is encouraged to contemplate humanity’s evolving relationship to nature in an age of accelerated technological advances.

Yang brings to light the interconnected systems that keep our environment in order. She views the planet, from the macroscopic to the microscopic level, as a culmination of how life sustains, grows, and rebuilds. Yang envisions vibrant mysteries within the interstices where life is thought to be inconceivable. Yang’s work is precise as well as innovative. Through an intricate combination of materials – plastic, fluid, light, and metal – biomorphic organisms emerge. Her synthetic forms fluctuate between the real and the fantastic, the macro and the micro, the organic and the mechanical.

Here is a look at Yang’s previous work:

Traverse Installation

Visit Meeson Pae Yang’s website to see more of her artwork.

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