Design: Aerial View of Landscapes Captured on Land Carpet

8 Aug

Land Carpet is a modern area rug designed by Florian Putcher, based on satellite images and inspired by nature and farmed landscapes. It shows the world from an aerial view, as one would see it from the window of a plane.

The stylized fields are of different height and let Land Carpet appear like a miniaturized landscape, each of them representing a different continent or country. Europe is held in warm green and brown colors, the United States comes in very fresh green colors, Africa displays as earth tones and Netherlands as a colorful array of pastel flowers in a field.

North America





Incorporate a little piece of the world in every room of your home as a conversation piece. Each carpet is hand-tufted and made from New Zealand wool.

Florian Putcher is a designer based in Vienna, Austria. Visit Putcher’s website to see more of his designs.

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