Playing Cards with Collage Artist Liz Cohn

23 Jun

Playing Cards with Liz Cohn

by Lorette C. Luzajic

The art of tiny possibilities is one of collage artist Liz Cohn’s specialties. Liz (seen left) and her whirlwind creativity, knack for composition, and unfettered imagination often find expression on small scale playing cards. Portable, manageable, and easy to mail, playing card collage lends itself readily to collaboration and consistency.

Another gift of Liz’s creativity is how her joy spills over to other collagists and artists, compelling them to create. She enjoys a popular presence on the artist social network, (Liz’s gallery on Deviant Art), where she shows hundreds of works, chats with other artists, and inspires us to wonderful projects and challenges.

Liz’s work is widely revered, and was recently featured in the Lark Press book, Collage Masters.

Why is collage your chosen medium? What about it do you find appealing?

I love reusing discarded paper and objects and giving them a new life. Collage can be so satisfying and immediate, and quickly executed compared to, say, painting in oils. I also make the occasional assemblage and started the first assemblage group on Deviant Art.

44 Chest

Kings Maze

You have a playing card collaboration project and art show pending. Tell us about that.

Playing cards are the perfect format for a small mail art collaboration. By collaborating on a piece with another artist, the art takes on a life you don’t have complete control over, and that is exhilarating for me. Plus, now I get all these wonderful letters in the mail full of small works of art- it makes going to the mail box every day a real treat.

Artists are welcome to read more about it on my DeviantArt homepage and join in on the collaboration. There will be an exhibition in 2012. [link]


Do the challenges of gallery life interfere with your creativity time, or does one feed the other?

My gallery is a co-operative gallery and I only have to spend one day a week there, plus openings and meetings. It gives me a life outside of my studio and computer.

What artists are your inspiration?

Robert Rauschenberg,  Joseph Cornell, Kurt Schwitters and Joan Mitchell


Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Either making collage and assemblage, or in Italy chasing after George Clooney. It’s a real toss up!

Visit Liz at Liz Cohn Art Studio.

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