Scion Installation LA Gallery Exhibition ‘Pacific’

3 May

‘Pacific’ curated by Tokyo-based PMFKA & Antonin Gaultier which features drawings and installations from Atsuhiro Ito, Kyohei Sakaguchi, Megumi Matsubara, Motoyuki Daifu, PMFKA, Takashi Suzuki, Teppei Kaneuji, Yotaro Niwa and Yuri Suzuki, opens this week at Scion’s LA Gallery.

Cutting through the layers of reality and challenging the notion of what most of us consider as “everyday”, the installation exhibition titled ‘Pacific’, brings together ten artists that give their interpretation on what many be ignored in the rush from point A to B or that is simply not seen.

In Pacific, the audience is invited to witness how; the mundane transforms the poetic; the unwanted morphs into the amusing and the practical ends up as the  beautiful.

From the deserted highways in Teppei  Kaneuji‘s Midnight In A Box the noise of the urban environment is stored and ready to answer you in Yuri Suzuki‘s White Noise Machine. In Ujino‘s Rotators, an orchestral household installation Atsuhiro Ito‘s Optron get a partner in a conversation that if broken down into fragments would be considered as noise.

Teppei Kaneuji

Yuri Suzuki – Photo by Yoriko Yamamura

Yuri Suzuki


Atsuhiro Ito

In Megumi Matsubara‘s A White Line, the trace of the artist’s mind visually cuts through a busy city  crossing, while  Takashi  Suzuki zooms in on foam sponges to create blocks of flats in Bau. Motoyuki Daifu welcomes you inside claustrophobic walls of a family apartment, while the photo series of 0 Yen Houses by Kyohei Sakaguchi show homeless shelters with a quality that borderline public installations.

Megumi Matsubara

Takashi Suzuki

Motoyuki Daifu

Motoyuki Daifu

Kyohei Sakaguchi

Yotaro  Niwa gives you a frozen piece of time as if his installation was in the process of breaking up into fractions of it’s original state and PMKFA‘s drawings disarm the pomposity of classic still life imagery.



The opening  reception  takes  place  on  May  7th,  7–10  PM at  Scion  Installation  L.A., 3521  Helms Ave. (at  National), Culver  City,  CA  90232; includes complimentary  valet  parking  and  open  bar.  Artists will be in attendance. The exhibition is free and open to the public. RSVP is required to attend the opening night at  The show runs until May 28th, 2011. More information on Pacific, and past exhibitions, is available at

About Scion LA:
Dedicated to fostering independent artistic expression, Scion Installation L.A. is space  that allows artists to explore their creative visions. Scion Installation L.A. hosts art shows and art-­‐related events for cutting-­‐edge contemporary artists from across the globe. One-­‐hundred percent of all sales go directly to the artists. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 6pm and by appointment.

About Scion:
Scion, from Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., was developed with a new generation of youthful buyers in mind. Scion’s mission is to provide distinctive products, the opportunity to personalize, and an innovative, consumer-­‐driven process at the retail level. The brand features three groundbreaking models with a wide array of standard features: the xD urban subcompact five-­‐door, the iconic xB urban utility vehicle and the tC sports coupe. Scion launches the all-­‐new, premium micro-­‐subcompact iQ in 2011. The Scion brand often applies new practices in all aspects of its business and pushes the creativity envelope with non-­‐traditional advertising and marketing to engage young consumers. Scion also supports originality through its programs in the artistic community. For more information, visit

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