Radium Audio Ltd. Records the New Sound for Leo the MGM Lion

6 May

When your asked to craft Leo the Lion’s brand new voice for the latest MGM ident, what better way to do justice to the most iconic animal onscreen than to fly to South Africa to capture the real voices of lions themselves. That’s exactly what Radium Audio Ltd did.

After flying into Capetown, the group headed north through Stellenbosch, 30 miles east of Capetown and one of the largest wine growing regions in South Africa, to the Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary, the only genuine lion sanctuary in the Western Cape, where lions are rescued from distressed existences in many parts of the world.

Camping out in an enclosure surrounded by lions, with only chicken wire in between the two species, they waited for the lions to make their sounds. They first encountered not a roar, but the lions actually singing to each other in the middle of the night.

Lions – The Group Sings at Night

Finally after much anticipation, their project finally came together and they recorded a roar that shook the ground they stood on.

Here is the video of the MGM Lion Roar, completed by Radium Audio Ltd.

You may read all about their adventures and hear some other sound clips here on Radium Audio.

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