Game of Thrones Opening Title Sequence

18 May

After watching Game of Thrones religiously since premiering, we’ve been intrigued with the design aspects of the opening title. The Art of the Title Sequence has answered these burning questions.

With the story of Game of Thrones unfolding in a world of fantasy, the idea of showing a map to inform viewers of tangent locations of where events take place was the foundation upon which the opening title was built. A list of the locations were needed, the idea being that the opening title would show you all the places you would visit in each episode. It boiled it down to four different sequences, each a subtle variation.

The goal was to try to replicate something that looks and acts like a physical object. Art Director Rob Feng referenced Leonardo’s machines which have a timeless sense of design.

Winterfell Sketches

Once the final concept art was completed, it went unto the model makers who worked  in Maya. They took the sketches and turned them into working objects, by adding tons of their own inventive details. These models in turn, got incorporated back into the previsualization. This process continued until it became the blueprint for what was finally rendered out.

The Eyrie sketches to concept art.

The actual dimensions, the locations and their placement, and the different terrains are all based strictly on George R. R. Martin’s maps. The design team found it very important to stay as absolutely true to the books as possible because of the ardent fans out there.

With the sequence only 90 seconds long, it impossible to see all of the minute details, but you will notice something different every time you view it. Visit The Art of the Title Sequence to read more about how this detailed sequence was designed and watch the opening title.

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