30 Black & White Logos and Business Cards for Design Inspiration

12 May

Logos come in all shapes and sizes. When designing a logo, one has to think of how it will look sans color and transfer over into black and white for printing. Negative space is very important, as is legibility. Color adds a whole new dimension, feel and emotional response. Designing a logo without these elements can be a challenge.

When designing a business card less is more. Pricing on printing relies heavily on how many colors are used (as well as paper stock, finish, embossing, die-cut, and letterpress, which many of these examples have), but we won’t get into that here. This design inspiration is all about the lack of color. Black and white is bold, commands attention and with added effects as we mentioned above, with a healthy does of  creativity, you can produce a smart, stylized, and powerful business card.

Here are examples of 30 black and white logos and business cards (15 each) for design inspiration.

Black Cat

White Rabbit

Diamond Bookstore

Summit Dry Cleaning

Mister Cutts

Wiesinger Music


Social Picture Media

Maritime Law


Coding Hour

Unearthed Music



3rd Street Beat


Rhino Studio

Uno Design


Cut and Paste


Steve Whiteley: Builder

Jacob Ward

Jomark Investments


Mind the Wall

Koji Sueyoshi – Mixtape Generation

Machine Box

Royal Society

Megaphone – Director

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