Product Design: A Steampunk Aficionados Dream – Furniture Made From Old Naval Sea Mines

2 Mar

Furniture made from old naval sea mines are the epitome of steampunk design at it’s finest. A steampunk aficionados dream!

Here is the story behind the usage of these scrap treasures:

Situated in the Gulf of Finland, about 10 miles away from Tallinn is the island of Naissaar island (which means “island of women”). Until the Second World War, the island’s population numbered about 450 people of Estonian-Swedish origin who fled during the war. Naissaar under Soviet rule was a military area and off-limits to the public.

As a military object, Naissaar has always interested the rulers of Estonia, which is the reason why the inhabitants have often been forced to leave the island. In 1940 the Red Army occupied Naissar, only to have the Wehrmacht (the unified armed forces of Germany) displace it a few months later. Against in 1944, the Red Army took control and drove the Germans out.

During the period of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, the Soviet Union established the largest factory for naval mines in the Baltic on Naissaar. The Soviets declared the island a military area and made it off-limits to the public. In early 1993, when the Soviets left Naissaar they burned the explosives in the naval mines, leaving a horde of metal naval mine casings scattered throughout the island. In turn many of these were scavenged as scrap iron.

Mati Karmin the sculptor behind MINE-furniture design, one of the best-known sculptors of Estonia.

Here are some of his creations…

Sea Mine Bathtub

Sea Mine Table

Sea Mine Lighting

Sea Mine Wine Bar

Sea Mine Swing

Sea Mine Chair

Sea Mine Chairs

Sea Mine Baby Carriage

You can see more designs on the Marine Mine website.


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