Sears Online Catalog…for Zombies (Easter Egg)

1 Feb

The internet is a fascinating thing. Just when you think you’ve found everything you possibly could (we all have those days) you come across the strangest find.

The Sears online catalog (Easter Egg) in which the site is geared towards Zombies, in ‘Zombie language’, is just one of those strangest yet utterly cool finds.

We can all rest assure that if there was ever a zombie apocalypse we can hunt the world in search of brains in style. Whether it be decking yourself out in zombie-licious baubles, looking those perfect pair of sneakers for your trek’s through the zombie infested wilderness, or finding that perfect fridge to keep cold the flesh you’ve found, Sears has it. Don’t worry that you can’t understand the product descriptions right now, you will once you pass over into the world of the undead.

Who knew the folks over at Sears had such a sense of humor? Sears gives Google a run for their money with this Easter Egg. Visit the Sears online Zombie catalog page and see for yourself.

1 Response to Sears Online Catalog…for Zombies (Easter Egg)



February 1st, 2011 at 2:38 pm

What in the WORLD……..???

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