The Surreal Paintings of Heidi Tailleffer

18 Jan

Heidi Tailleffer’s artwork is a mix of surrealism and classical figurative painting and mythology. Her tastes range from the ridiculous and the absurd to the sacred and sublime, as she pursues the deeper meaning of things while possessed of a strong sense of humor. Here are some examples of her work…

Angels of Our Nature


Trust Issues

The Ventriloquist is about the destruction of innocence through judgment, slander, physical and or mental cruelty, wrought by the callousness of blackened hearts. It depicts the Marquis de Sade, whose light has been extinguished by the cruelty of others, and who foists his own misery onto the innocent and vulnerable, which appear in bright mocking comparison to his own tormented soul. The Marquis does not have any grounding, none of his darkness has any authentic quality, and he floats off the ground bereft of proper bearings.

There is a recursive aspect to this dynamic, which perpetuates the cycle of darkness, where the light of love and compassion is extinguished in another, who in turn learns to be afraid. The Marquis’ motivation is hatred, and his pain self inflicted, as he carries the needles of judgment in his stomach and projects his own self-loathing onto others, whom he preys upon out of fear.

The Ventriloquist

Frustration Attraction is a painting which depicts Salome holding the head of John the Baptist in her hands. Despite her longing for him, he remained unattainable due to a conflict of ideological principles. The only way she could satisfy her desire was to have his head brought to her on a platter, where she could finally kiss her would- be lover’s lips. The painting is about unrequited and courtly love, where distance increases desire… but where its object is also destroyed upon satisfaction of that desire.

Frustration Attraction

Taillefer had her first solo show at McAllen International Museum of Art and Science; McAllen, TX in 1997. Since then she’s had her work shown in Montreal, Palm Springs, Pittsburgh, Toronto, DC and New York. Visit Heidi Tailleffer’s website to see more of her exquisite paintings or check out her blog.

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