30 Second Drawing App: Life Drawing Exercises to Improve Your Skills

5 Jan

On online drawing app that mimics real life drawing class.

The idea of the 30 Second Drawing App is based on a special training method introduced in the book The Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. (Highly recommended for those who think they can’t draw.) This training overheats your language function by rapidly showing complicated visual information. In result, you will be able to draw with your activated right brain mode.

You will also improve in recognizing aspects of figures in a short amount of time, and be able to draw accurately with minimum lines. Drawing a large of number of sketches in a small amount of time is a good exercise especially for beginners. In an actual life drawing class, a nude model is used and the model changes position every minute or so.

Check out the online drawing app here. Have a pencil ready and piece of paper in front of you, wait for the figure to appear on screen and start drawing.

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