The Art of Scott Greenwalt

18 Jan

In relation to his work, Scott Greenwalt states “I am concerned with the confluence of disparate topographies set in an ominous land peopled with beings having suffered some malformation or mutant hybridization by a mephitic environment. These beings are vacillating between dimensions, in a chrysalis state of transformation. Portraiture of grotesques, formed by an unfolding of elemental components of corporeality at metaphysical crossroads, congealed in mid implosion, like still images of molecular rearrangement.”

Here are some samples of his intriguing work…

Shrouded Mutation

Transient Nesting

Meanwhile, At the Core of Tinfoil Mountain

Mutatis Mutandis

Greenwalt was educated at California College of the Arts and University of Central Missouri. His first solo show “Atmospheric Conditions” was at Jacqueline Charno Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri in 1997. Scott Greenwalt was born in St. Louis, Missouri 1974 and lives and currently works in Oakland, California. Visit Scott Greenwalt’s website to see more of his work.

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