Art News: Michael Stuart ‘Contingencies’ at Scaramouche and Claudio Edinger ‘São Paulo Ambiguous’ at 1500 Gallery

1 Jan


Opening January 8, 2011 at 6PM at Scaramouche in New York City, is Michael Stuart’s solo exhibition ‘Contingencies‘.

Artist’s statement: I addresses the space between experience and the story that follows, the self and the idea of the self—the self as a body and the self as mediated, articulated, and complicated by imprecise descriptive mechanisms. Within a network of sculptural and photographic devices, I examine the continual becoming of a subject in simultaneous opposition to and dependence on the continuum from which this representation is rendered. The fabricated subject hinges its identity on a belief in impossibly static origins and in turn attempts to assign order to intricately woven yet predominantly chaotic systems. This determination to construct an ordered selfhood is, despite its inherent futility, instinctual and necessary. Hovering around tales of past trauma and a complex and often prescriptive filial mythology, my work exposes the space between perceived poles of self and the narrative shadows they cast.

Archival ink-jet prints titled ‘Circle Stories’.

Contingence (detail)

Michael Stuart lives in Brooklyn, NY. Visit his website Michael Stuart Art to see more of his work.


Renowned Brazilian photographer Claudio Edinger’s ‘São Paulo Ambiguous’ contain color photographs of Edinger’s hometown Sao Paulo, shot on large format film with a Sinar 4 x 5 camera, using the technique of selective focus. This technique, of which Edinger was one of the first pioneers, involves manipulating the alignment of the large format negative relative to the lens creating a distinctive distortion of focus in the resulting image. The effect lends a surreal, miniature-like appearance to  landscapes and urban  scenes, giving the impression of a diorama or architectural maquette.

Some would call this tilt-shift photography.

These images won the Premio Porto Seguro de Fotografia in 2007 (the most prestigious photography prize in Brazil) and were published in book form as São Paulo: minha estranha cidade linda (DBA, Brazil and Umbrage Editions, USA, 2009).

Claudio Edinger is one of the most important Brazilian art  photographers, formerly a professor at the  International Center of Photography (1992 93), Parson’s School of Design/The New School (1979-93) and the School of Visual Arts (1980-82), and with over a dozen books of his work published and work present in all the important collections  in Brazil  as well as numerous others worldwide.

Claudio Edinger’s exhibit ‘São Paulo Ambiguous’ is currently running through March 26, 2011 at 1500 Gallery in New York City.

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