Animation: Radium Audio Ltd Brings Sound to Life as a Mechanistic Robot Chases a Young Femme Fatale in ‘Nike Chase’

11 Jan

Nike Chase is an animation by the London design house, Ilovedust. The Nike Chase piece is a stunning animation, for which Radium Audio Ltd provided the music & sound treatment.

Texture upon texture, layer upon layer, everything was considered from the ground up, from the cityscape to the sirens.  Even the wind was recorded authentic cockney London wind.

Radium states “We wanted to sculpt the sound so that the cinematic qualities of the animation shone through – the heroine, the antagonist, the struggle, the movements, not to mention the bespoke music score created to accompany each twist and turn in the film.

At Radium we are always creating stuff from scratch. This piece is no different and we love it, live and breathe it.  We love our patrons eye for visual detail and we treated the sound with the same care and attention.”

A Mechanistic Robot chasing a young femme fatale was always going to be very interesting from a sonic point of view. The project took roughly a week, from start to finish for the sound design and music, with perhaps an additional week following that for amendments, feedback stages and mixing. It’s actually a very good example of the collaborative nature of the company as, in total, with two composers, a sound designer, a creative director and a communications director involved on the assignment.

The music was composed in two parts. First of all, a very large-sounding cinematic score was created. Electronic glitches and beats were then incorporated afterwards, and were designed to follow the movements of the robots, blending the borders between the music and the sound design.

The robots voice was created by three people shouting into a mic. This sound was then processed, pitched, glitched, bit-crushed and distorted. Many of the robots movements were created using custom-built software, and we also delved into our own sound library that we have been recording and developing over the years. The sound designer for this project is a big anime fan, which can be heard through his work, and helps to make this piece incredibly cinematic and energetic.

Check out the video…

Sounds Radium Audio Ltd created include: Music score, mechanical movements, cityscape, female hero, robot badboy, lasers, impacts, crash, boom, bang and lands, and Nike special swoosh logo.

This stunning video was also featured on Behance.

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