Useful Websites: ‘Click That Link’ (Dec 10)

10 Dec

We peruse the internet for useful websites so you don’t have to. ‘Click That Link’ is a complied list of cool website links worth checking out.

SOCIAL MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY - Build a social media community. Maps relationships between you and other Twitter  users, find targeted conversations for particular markets and Interst Graphs for any topic or keyword. - An app for mobile deals for the locally curious. Get deals delivered straight to your phone as they happen. – Broadcast live streaming video to the internet. – Ever wonder who has unfollowed you on Twitter? Now you can find out. – Meet new people and chat in 3D.

Robotic Magazine – The latest news on science, hobby and consumer robots. – An app that let’s you discover new restaurants, movies, apps and more with friends. Review anything you buy, discover new places, save money and have fun shopping. – An online English language, anime-themed social networking and forums-based website. – Ever visit a website but it’s acting screwy and you think it might be down? Check to see if it actually is, or it’s just your computer giving you a hard time.


I Write Like – Compare your writing style to famous artists. It analyzes your words choices and writing style.

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