Evelin Kasikov CMYK Hand-Embroidered Series of Well Known Album Covers

6 Dec

London-based artist Evelin Kasilov’s CMYK Series of 9 posters, show halftoned and hand-embroidered fragments of well-known album covers. All works 350 x 495 mm, embroidery area 12 in (30.5 mm), hand stitched on Fabriano 5 Cold Pressed White 300 gsm (mould made, 50% cotton rag, acid free).

The poster series is focused on imagery: how an image is produced and how it is perceived. Inspired by well-known album covers by The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Clash, small fragments of images are used as a case-study to reveal halftone patterns. CMYK halftones are converted to cross-stitch and hand-embroidered in cotton thread on twelve inch square format paper. Whilst the fragments are recognizable, they are also open to subjective interpretation, dependent entirely on the viewers’ preconceptions and imagination. The materiality of the medium is equally important
as the presented image.

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

Actual Dark Side of the Moon album cover.

Beatles’ Abbey Road

Actual Abbey Road album cover.

The Clash London Calling

Actual London Calling album cover.

Evelin Kasikov’s aim is to bring together craft and modern technology, and explore the possibilities for printing processes to be integrated with textile techniques. Her main influences come from Swiss typography, Dutch book design and Estonian language. She

Visit Evelin’s website to see more of her hand-embroidered designs.

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