Daily Design Inspiration #28: Hands

14 Dec

Daily Design Inspiration is just that. A daily dose of eye candy to highlight artworks that we find for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. In the last edition we covered the world of Red Music Poster Prints. Today we are highlighting Hands.

While hands are versatile physically, they are also quite versatile when portrayed artistically. In this edition of Daily Design Inspiration we look at the many beautiful and interesting ways ‘Hands‘ are depicted by drawing, digital design, illustration and photography.

by Jesse Kuhn

by Pure Guava

by hey big nose

by fatherofschmo

by Berka

by Pezzcado

by Dian3

by KIMOtherapy

by Aspius

by mts666

by Mohammed Ashraf

by DigitalHyperGFX

by Aerilien

by Herger

by clockblock

by Alexander Nanitchkov

by Prince K

by ratpat13

by Leongfx

by engraven

by chakrabird

by firejaller

by tiniest

by neumannbelieve

by MetaMephisto

For more ‘Hands’ inspiration check out our post for The 25 Best Horror Movie Posters Hands Down.

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