Thomas Hirschhorn “Too Too – Much Much” Exhibit at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

8 Nov

Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn ( born 1957, in Bern, Switzerland), is one of the leading artists in the international contemporary art world and gained notoriety in the 1990s with his very labour intensive and space-filling collages made with cheap disposable material. Hirschhorn produces huge sculptures for both major art institutions and non-artistic sites in the periphery of the social domain. His actions primarily question the art world itself.

Thomas Hirschhorn expresses his artistic intentions as follows: “I make poor art, but no Arte Povera (…), I don’t make installations, I make sculptures (…), energy yes, quality no (…) I don’t want to make political art, but I want to make my work political.” Sensational were Hirschhorn’s contributions to the Venice Biennial (‘World Airport” 1999), he has used the whole space of the gallery and created an authentic airport) and hi 2002 “Bataille Monument” at Documenta in Kassel, where he managed, together with the local residents of a poor immigrant neighbourhood, the monument and its coffee shop, radio station and library for a number of months. He also won the prestigious Prix Marcel Duchamp in 2001.

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“Too Too – Much Much” is the first major project of Thomas Hirschhorn in a Belgian museum. The modernist architecture and the residential context of the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens offer the ideal humus for the artist to reflect on the meaning of ‘Quantity’. Hirschhorn used the motif of the beverage can for its basic and universal form of creativity in all cultures. It was the starting point for a spectacular total experience. The social reality of mass production and consumption by the artist in a positive way recuperated for a creative act. Ultimately, it shows how we as individuals cope with the thousands of feelings, experiences and reflections that touch us daily, how elements displace and how we create our own world energy and it’s realtion to shape and control. The experience Hirschhorn creates is both captivating, confrontational and a call for dialogue and discussion.

Thomas Hirschhorn on the project TOO TOO – MUCH MUCH:
“Too Too – Much Much is a work that my directive” Energy: Yes! Quality: No! “ follows. There are two “topics” in this work. The first is linked to the motive: the beverage cans, in consumption, too much while the second topic relates to the role of the artist always too much to do, not to the essence to come to the contrary ignore the essence, to really do much. These two topics come together – nevertheless – in a form. Form Too Too – Much Much. The form of this work is also a manifesto for the confirmation that the artist’s practice neither theory nor pure practice. The work of the artist should definitely go beyond the theory and practice.

Coinciding with the project Too Too – Much Much is also a work of Thomas Hirschhorn to see in the exhibition “Hareng Saur, Ensor and contemporary art” at SMAK in Ghent and MSK (until February 27, 2011).

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