Art News: Candice Lin ‘Holograms’ Exhibit and Andy Warhol’s Liz Taylor Painting Sells for $63 Million

9 Nov


Candice Lin’s second solo exhibition, Holograms is currently on show at the François Ghebaly Gallery in LA. For this exhibition, Lin uses the medium of video and sculpture to continue her multifaceted inquiry into the racial and gendered structuring of power.

In The Moon, a ceramic and mixed media sculpture, Lin’s sculpture references anatomist William Hunter’s plaster models and etchings and inverts the histories of Duchamp’s Étant Donnés (1966) and Courbet’s L’Origine du monde (1866). In The Moon, a viewer cannot avoid implication, but must sit with his head between the female body’s truncated legs, pressing his eye against the vulva to witness the animation howling within. Inside Out, the animation within The Moon, plays with the contradictory racial and female assignations of soul and soulless-ness, unknowable interiority and impenetrable surface.

In the main space of the gallery, is Holograms, a twenty-minute video projection, which further delves into the ideas of subjectivity using a combination of found footage, animations, and hypnosis. Using the trappings of science fiction, Holograms deconstructs the science and the fiction of colonialism. Formally, the video embodies taxonomic impossibilities–drawings used sculpturally, a trance-inducing “impossible object,” and animated educational didactics which fail to impart any coherent information.

In both the exhibition and the video Holograms, the idea of authentic identity is continually thwarted and remains holographic itself. If myth resolves the void left by cultural disavowal, Holograms posits that the mythic denial of subjectivity to persons made “other” through national, racial, religious, or gendered difference is a type of cultural “magic” that we knowingly and unknowingly perform.

Candice Lin has exhibited internationally, a selection of venues include the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; China Art Objects, Los Angeles; the New York Underground Film Festival; Milliken Gallery, Stockholm; Valenzuela Y Klenner Arte Contemporaneo, Bogota; and has an upcoming solo exhibition at the Khyber ICA, Nova Scotia in 2012. Lin has been awarded several residencies, grants, and fellowships including the Banff Centre Artist Residency, Canada, 2010; the Department of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs CEI grant, 2010; the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship, 2009; AIR at CESTA, Czech Republic, 2004; as well as an upcoming residency in 2011 at the Sacatar Foundation in Brazil. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

The exhibition runs through December 11, 2010.


The second-most-expensive Andy Warhol ever, was sold for $63.36 million last night at Phillips de Pury & Co. in New York. The piece titled “Men in Her Life,” is a large and austere composition (nearly 7 feet tall). It is based on a photograph of Elizabeth Taylor walking with her third husband, Mike Todd, on the left and her fourth husband, Eddie Fisher, on the right, accompanied by Debbie Reynolds, then Fisher’s wife.

The shot was featured in a story about Ms. Taylor published in Life magazine in April 1962. Read whole article: nytimes

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