Slovakian Ads Hit the Message Home About Vices: Alcohol, Smoking and Obesity

15 Oct

These Slovakian advertisements from the League Against Cancer hit the message home about vices that plague us in today’s society. Alcoholism, smoking, obesity and lack of exercise.

Smoking? It will be your fault!

Alcohol? It will be your fault!

Obesity? It will be your fault!

Lack of exercise? It will be your fault!

The tag lines certainly do not sugarcoat the issue. “Bude to Tvoja Rakovia!” A wordplay is employed in the slogan based on the fact that in Slovak, the word cancer (rakovina) contains the word fault (vina).


Advertising Agency: Sofian, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Director: T. Eliot Rostas
Art Directors: Marek Repka, Ivan Galansk√Ĺ

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