Movie Review: ‘The Objective’ Really Has None

6 Sep

After 9/11, a phenomenon was picked up via heat imagery by satellite in a remote location in Afghanistan. CIA agent Benjamin Keynes (Jonas Ball) pairs up with a Recon Special Ops team to find positive confirmation of this supernatural existence.

‘The Objective’ thinks it has one…but I couldn’t find it.  Initially, I was surprised an ensemble of actors who are practically no-names managed to act half way decent, but they couldn’t hold up the movie no matter what.

Before they set out, they hire a local to guide them through the hostile territory. This reconnaissance team doesn’t really know the full gist of what they are getting into until it’s too late and about four team members too short.  They are initially told they are searching for a cleric whose hiding in the mountains. Thirty minutes in, the men catch a glimpse of lights on this barren road that seems to be coming from a truck. The lights then separate and cruise up high into the sky.

The more they travel deeper into the valley the more bizarre incidences occur. Phantom noises, blinding lights, strange triangle doorways, landscapes that disappear or pick up and move where they were, visions of people who aren’t really there, are sighted only through night vision goggles. Even in the daytime. They definitely didn’t spend much in the special effects department with this flick.

Trying to keep they’re resolve intact, the team forges forward only to witness their friends disappear or vaporize by unseen forces.  Cue to the music to Outer Limits.  Don’t even get me started about the ending. I love my unintentional puns…but seriously ANY explanation could be the sum of the ending. Here’s my hat with about ten folded sticky notes to choose from.

I think the writer of this script, Daniel Myrick (also the director of the film), wanted the audience to come up with their own conclusion on what really transpired in that desert. Be it spiritual, religious, or extraterrestrial. The supernatural-sci-fi-wanna-be-war-thriller that this film so desperately wants to be,  leaves too much information to interpretation and you leave viewers out in the cold. We want to be entertained, not bored. I didn’t find the film thought provoking at all; there wasn’t enough storyline to make one think.

Leave this DVD on the shelves. That’s YOUR objective.

Rating: 2/10 stars
Running time: 90 minutes

Movie trailer:

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