How To Achieve Your Goals: Derek Sivers Explains To Keep Them To Yourself

2 Sep

Want to know how to achieve your goals? In this Ted Talks video, Derek Silvers explains why it is best to keep your goals to yourself if you really want it to become reality. Take a look.

Personally speaking, I feel if someone is motivated enough, they can achieve anything, even if they share their goals and ideas with the world. Take quitting smoking. The opposite of what Derek Silvers mentions occurs. Once you have spread your goal of quitting smoking among your friends, colleagues and family, in essence you are then “forced” to complete the goal, because you’ve announced it and everyone around you is rooting for you to quit. You can’t let them down or yourself. If you cry wolf enough times about your goals, no one will believe you anymore. At least that’s how my brain works.

Same goes for finishing school. If you have announced your goal to finish, no matter how much you want to quit your classes, you really don’t want to be a disappointment in the eyes of your family.

Throw the power of positive thinking into the mix and if you believe it enough, it will happen. Sure we get excited about the prospect of completing a goal and feel good about the endeavor, but I have never felt good enough after announcing it to turn around and no go through with it. I find that quite perverse.

Do you agree with this message in the Ted Talks video? Share your thoughts.

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