‘deinblick magazine’ The First International User-Generated Life Magazine

18 Aug

deinblick magazine” is the first international user-generated life magazine. It is all about your life, your style, your views, and it is written by you.

The idea is simple: deinblick sets a topic for each upcoming issue and you provide the content. What you get is a high-quality print magazine, loaded with the very best from your contributions; pure and authentic.

The topics are going to come from all over the place: ranging from music, sports, fashion, and interior decoration to travel, food & drink. These are just some of the topics that deinblick will be exploring with you. The editors are looking forward to receiving a huge variety of photographs, impressions and ideas on pure life and authentic styles. The more that participate, the more fun it will be.

The topic set up for the debut issue is “Pure Energy”. Submission is open providing lots of space for creative uploads; may you be a musician, a sports super-fan, an ambitious start-up company as deinblick is or living a life of extremes. deinblick is up for your personal energetic story and breathtaking images!

Participating is easy because you only need to provide this personal information that is absolutely necessary. All rights remain with the author and there is no need for any user account or login, but the opportunity to gain money from your contributions. Seeing your contribution in print will not be the only reward. Individual contributions will also be available as payable download. 40% of the net proceeds gained from these downloads will be distributed to the authors.

deinblick will be published every other month with every issue starting with the online topic announcement. Contributors then have roughly two weeks to upload their work. The deinblick editors will select the best submissions and compile them to create the upcoming issue.

Subscription is done online on www.deinblick.com as long as the magazine gets into print. This on-demand printing approach keeps the environmental impact at lowest as deinblick only prints as many copies as have been ordered before. Therefore every issue will be a limited edition with no re-prints. Four weeks after the topic was announced the magazine is shipped worldwide to all its subscribers.

Every issue will be unique and exciting as you cannot be sure what you are going to get. An interesting concept combining online and print with fair prices and authentic content.

The deinblick UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is Munich’s new start-up company and the publisher of the deinblick magazine. For the readers each and every issue means travelling the world as the magazine is fully made up from contributions submitted by people from all over the planet of ours. These authentic views make deinblick unique.

1 Response to ‘deinblick magazine’ The First International User-Generated Life Magazine


Daniel Böttner

August 19th, 2010 at 3:13 am

As a fan of this cool project I’m really glad to see the idea itself spreading.
I really look forward to get the first issue in september.

For me, I see deinblick alomost like a youtube for print. It offers authors the possibility
to share there views and get there creativity to a printed magazine.

What the editors do, is just refining submitted content in co-work with the authors to
suite the needs of a printed magazine.

great stuff

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