Cool Products: Cyglo LED Tyres Turn Your Ride Into a Tron Bike

5 Aug

Cyglo Tyres are a great way to be safe cycling and the ability to look like you just stepped off the set of Tron.

Founded by James Tristram, Cyglo Tyre uses tough, durable, bright and long lasting LED bulbs embedded into the tyre tread or wall to form a ring of high powered light to maximise the visibility of cyclists to other road users.

Patented in the UK and USA, Cyglo Tyre revolutionizes cycling safety and offers commuter cyclists, Police Officers, Paramedics, Royal Mail workers and couriers on the road today a unique and unprecedented safety measure.

Cyglo Tyre also offers exciting aftermarket coloured and flashing light options for trend setting BMX riders and fashionable mountain bike enthusiasts.

How Do Cyglo Tyres Work: Switched using a motion sensor within the tyre, high powered, tough and durable LED bulbs are built into the tread or wall of the tire and can either flash or be permanently on, so when the wheel turns at any speed, a perfect ring of light is formed whilst continually and perpetually creating it’s own power.

Manufacturing bicycle tires with LED lights already built in has significant benefits, not least that pedal cycles become aligned with all road vehicles by having permanent running lights on day and night to maximise visibility regardless of lighting conditions.

via wired

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