Totally Cool Pac Man Fan Art

1 Jul

Nothing defines the 80′s quite like Valley Girl talk, John Hughes films and the video arcade game Pac Man. Here are some totally cool Pac Man fan art illustrations. Like fersure!

by Samurai PET

by Poked Studio

by Dick Starr

by blakeg14

by Kiyong11

by jaso888n

by shadowvaporz

by fernandezcw

by Michael Firman

by Rad Stude

by Pascal Verhoef

by Culumon

by AniMerrill

by Shannon Reiswi

Can’t leave out Pac Man’s mate…Ms. Pac Man…

by Abraxa

Pac Man Trivia (as per Wiki): Pac Man was first released in Japan on May 22, 1980.  The ghosts, if you can recall, all had official names. The Red Ghost was ‘Shadow’ nicknamed ‘Blinky’, Pink Ghost was ‘Speedy’ nicknamed ‘Pinky’, Blue Ghost was ‘Bashful’ nicknamed ‘Inky’, and the Orange Ghost was ‘Pokey’ nicknamed ‘Clyde’.

Pac-Man technically has no ending—as long as the player keeps at least one life, he or she should be able to continue playing indefinitely. However, because of a bug in the routine that draws the fruit, the right side of the 256th level becomes a scrambled mixture of text and symbols, rendering the level impossible to pass by legitimate means.

The first person to achieve the maximum possible score (3,333,360 points) was Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, Florida, who performed the feat in about six hours.

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