‘Skin Lab’ Exhibition Tells the Story of Our Skin

8 Jul

An exhibition titled ‘Skin Lab’ (at Wellcome Collection U.K.) draws attention to recent cutting-edge research and technological developments in skin science from the mid-20th century onwards. Concentrating on advances and innovations within the realms of plastic surgery, artificial skin and regenerative medicine, Skin Lab provides an opportunity for extended enquiry into the science and physiology of our largest organ, which is explored through the work of five contemporary artists: from Marta Lwin’s biological skin jewellery cultured from epithelial cells to Rhian Solomon’s sculptural re-interpretation of skin-flap diagrams.

Also featured is a selection of medical films from the Wellcome Library archives that examines some of the unique properties and diverse pathologies that characterise the human skin.

Samples of some commissions:

Rhian Solomon

‘Lessons on Limberg’, 2010/’Bodycloth’, 2010

Inspired by a revolutionary text by pioneering Russian plastic surgeon AA Limberg (‘The Planning of Local Plastic Operations on the Body Surface: Theory and practice’, 1963). Reveals the ongoing application in contemporary medical practice of Limberg’s technique of constructing geometric paper models of skin flaps, which he used in the planning of surgical procedures in the 1960s.

Gemma Anderson

‘Against Nature’, 2010

This new commission reflects on epidermolysis bullosa (EB) – a genetic skin disorder that causes the skin and internal body-linings to blister with the slightest physical contact.

To coincide with the ‘Skin Lab’ exhibition, Wellcome Collection is running a competition to design a tattoo for Caisa Ederyd, their tattoo-obsessed volunteer. We are asking you to put pen to paper and send us your designs for Caisa’s tattoo. The winning entry will be tattooed live on Caisa’s body in the ‘Skin’ exhibition at the ‘Tattoos: Marks of meaning’ event  on Thursday July 22. 2010.

The Prize

Having your own design etched onto someone else’s body for all eternity. You will also win a year’s free membership of the Wellcome Collection Club and the chance to get a tattoo done for free at Good Times Tattoo.

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