Pixar Artist Nate Wragg Toy Story 3 Illustrations and Character Sketch Designs

8 Jul

Now that Toy Story 3 is in theaters, Nate Wragg, one of Pixar‘s illustrators has released some character design illustrations and sketches he worked on for the film.

Mr. Pricklepants was one of the first characters Nate Wragg had the chance to work on. When he first came on to the show, he was assigned to begin working out the designs for Bonnie’s toys.

Buttercup is another one of Bonnie’s toys. Most of the work that went into Buttercups design was to try and make him the cutest little unicorn the universe had ever seen.

Dolly is another one of Bonnie’s toys, and from the first time he started designing on her. She was to have a flat little home-made looking doll. Nate wanted her to be the perfect definition of a cute little girl, so he referenced pictures of his wife when she was little.

Chuckles was another character that really stole the show in the story boards. The artist who boarded him, really nailed the “worn out clown toy” look, so he followed his lead.

A few sketches Nate did on Chuckles movement. One of the challenges about working on him, as were a few of the other bad guys was, these toys weren’t made to look evil, creepy, or mean, so they had to design them with the concept that they were made to look cute and fun as you would buy them in the store, but could have the proper look that could give them the dark edge they would need as characters.

Stretch was one of the first characters he worked on in Lotso’s Gang.

Nate didn’t really get a chance to work on any of the humans in the film, except for the head banging garbage guy. Not too much work went into his design process, they tried to keep him pretty generic, but accessorize him with everything a metal head would need to be jamming out while picking up the trash.

See more illustrations, posters and concept art on Nate Wragg’s blog.

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All Artwork © Nate Wragg

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July 9th, 2010 at 8:31 am

These are great! I hope you are well. I’ve been a bit MIA lately. Hoping to catch up on your site soon or at least just get back to catching the new posts regularly.



July 9th, 2010 at 11:15 am

Hey you! Nice to see you back. :D Thanks!

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